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What's the difference between a 2Ah and a 4Ah battery (for a cordless drill/screwdriver)?

Asked by rebbel (32137points) January 10th, 2020

I have bought a 20V cordless drill, with a 2Ah battery.
Now they also sell 4Ah batteries (that fit several other cordless tools in their tool line).
Can I use said 4Ah battery on my drill?
What would be the benefit, if any?

Thanks in advance!

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A 2 amp-hour battery can theoretically supply two amps for an hour before it is exhausted. The 4Ah is twice the capacity. For electric drills you generally want an extra battery so you can rotate them out on the charger while you work.

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The drill uses only the amperage it needs. It won’t make the drill run faster or anything like that. A bigger battery is a good thing.

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Thanks guys!
Fast and to to the point, that’s what I like.
I will definitely invest in a spare, 4Ah, one.

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Theoretically it will run twice a long as the 2Ah battery. The down side is the weight. The 4Ah will likely weigh 50–60% more than the 2Ah.

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