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Have you found a CBD oil that you have used for joint pain?

Asked by Harper1234 (857points) January 22nd, 2020

as stated

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I have not, but am interested. I saw some in a shop last Saturday, but it was expensive, $45 for a four ounce bottle.

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I don’t use oil, I use capsules, they are very effective for me. The brand I use is Upstate Elevator Company, their website is

Look at the PM I sent to you before.

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I would have never bought this shit but my sisters kid had a friend that worked there so I got all this for free. I didn’t even know what CBD was at the time.

But when I was going through chemo and head/neck radiation I used this. I’m not 100% sure if it actually helped. Or if I wanted to believe it helped. But I did feel better after using it. But I am also very susceptible to placebos.

I also got a massive bag of their CBD bath salts. I am 100% positive that my joints felt better after the bath salts. But maybe that was just from sitting in a hot bath for 30 minutes. I don’t really know. I never took a bath without them.

But the oil stuff is 45 bucks for a ounce. But It lasts forever. It is a roll on bottle. I only used about 15% of the ounce bottle I have. <—proof that I actually have the stuff and have used it.

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Bad link @johnpowell. But I believe you.

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First link or second?

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