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What area of your life do you find the most conflict?

Asked by raum (9801points) January 24th, 2020 from iPhone

Is it at work?
Is it at home?

Is it with family?
Is it with friends?
Is it with a certain type of people?

Is it over a certain topic?
Is it with a certain communication style?

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Political discussions; mainly on Fluther.

My life in general is fairly conflict free now that I live alone. :-)

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That’s a pretty good solution!
Peopling can be troublesome.

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My mind.

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I don’t have much of that in my life but when I require it, I know which bear to poke. XD

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Mostly trying to get the kids to do their school work, and go to sleep at night.

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Managing coworkers is challenging. They don’t mind and you can’t swat them. Ha!

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In games. Killed a lot of Rebels and Shivans today.

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Work & School because I have too much school work to keep up with that my job is just putting me behind

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Work, for a few reasons.

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Work. There’s a Board and everyone argues.

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