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Is the potential danger of snow suit wearing child in a car seat debated?

Asked by flo (12837points) 3 weeks ago
“What could happen is when you have a child in a bulky winter jacket or snowsuit, the straps on their jacket may appear tight when they’re in it [the seat], but in a crash, the forces are so extreme that if that snowsuit or jacket compresses, you now have that amount of extra slack in the harness. And the harness’s job is to keep your child in the seat.”

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Are we talking straps that come attached to the children’s seat (that is placed on the car seat, and that’s to be strapped to it via the back seat strap)?
Because the car straps that you’ll find in front and back seats (at least in European cars) are the kind that always pull tight (with a spring mechanism, I suppose), so that test that that technician talks about wouldn’t work with the latter straps.
My gut says that this is too far fetched of a ‘problem’.
But I’m open to be wronged.

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I’m glad you brought up which kind of straps, @rebbel. I just read the statement again it says ’‘straps on their jacket’’. How interesting.

By the way between snow suit and regular winter clothes, would the snow suit esp. this kind in a crash where the child is ejected out of the seat?

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The puffed coat or snowsuit blocks the straps in the car seat from holding the child in place during an accident. They “pop out” of the seat.

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The potential is not debated. Some people have not been educated about the danger.

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My son and DIL put our grandchild in a car seat poncho when they go out in the winter. They don’t use a warm puffy coat or snow suit.
Thankfully we have no anecdotal data one way or the other..

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This is pretty well known in cold climates. I never thought there was a debate, only ignorance, and stressed out parents making hasty, risky decisions.

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I never knew this, but I don’t have any babies. Seems logical to me it’s a risk. Just another step for parents getting children in and out of the car. I wouldn’t use very puffy outerwear. Most parts of America it isn’t so cold that you have to put a huge puffy jacket on a child when just walking from a car to a building. You’re usually only outside a few minutes at most. I’d make sure they had on mittens so no extremities skin is exposed and a hat or hood.

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I take back my snow suit helps reduce injury in case of a crash. Not much of a proterction, really.
How could a puffy suit on a child in car seat belt lead to death or injury of the child? Does the average lay person have to question the physics of things, (compression/air pressure) question engineers, question the people who approve and not approve important items like that? (images+child+car+seat+belt/Google)

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