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Do you think it's a coincidence that Cosby and Weinstein both look so fragile going to their rape trials or is it ploy to make jurors feel sorry for them?

Asked by chyna (44256points) 3 weeks ago

Both need/needed help going into the courtroom. I find it suspicious that they both look so fragile with walkers and people holding their arms.

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A little of both.

Living in jail can’t be comfortable; they are probably not getting much sleep, their barbers and make-up people don’t make house calls, and there’s not much in the way of a gym or physical trainers in jail. So they are showing the result of living in an unhealthy environment.

And I am sure they want to look as frail as possible so that the judge / jury takes pity on them.

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Most likely theatrics used by their lawyers.

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Both have good lawyers.

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And they are (or were) both older than dirt.

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Maybe. Maybe they’re trying to get pardons from Trump.

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Not up on Federal Crimes!

No Presidential pardons

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Right @stanleybmanly. So how could either of these frail, geriatric dudes have done what they said.

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Guilt is manifested through decrepitude.

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They weren’t fragile when they were violating and traumatizing women.

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Theatrics mostly, but being found out, for what they did, would be extremely embarrassing, and hopefully make them feel ashamed, and shame makes you feel like shit, so it’s probably taking a toll on them mentally, to a certain extent, but their lawyers are having them play it up for sympathy. They do not deserve any sympathy.

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A ploy to garner sympathy, much like Michael Jackson going to Court in his PJ’s.

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It’s irrelevant, to me, whatever their current state is. If they committed these crimes, they should be held accountable.

The courts should judge a person, based on what they did.

It’s definitely a ploy. Even if it isn’t, it doesn’t matter…

If they did the crime, they deserve the ramifications. I suspect that the frailty they exhibit during the trial, will magically heal, once in prison.

When/if they are incarcerated, they will regret this tactic. It will put them into isolation. That will keep other inmates, from hurting them. But. It will also keep them in a cell, for most of their sentences. 23–24 hours/day, of their time, will be spent in a small cell. A true Hell.

They will likely live longer, but suffer more…

Let them decide, how much torment they want. It’s a very poor decision.

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Amazingly, I am in total agreement with @stanleybmanly. Both of these guys are older. Cosby was almost 80. Weinstein is only 67, but that is pretty old. Combine that with the fact they lived in a world where they didn’t treat themselves very well and relied on make up and other efforts to make themselves look and feel better, treatments they are no longer getting. And add in the psychological beating they were/are taking by facing the sins of their past and voila! you have decrepit, sad little men. Good thing I’m not on the jury because I don’t buy that sort of thing.

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@seawulf575: Bill Cosby is currently in jail. Harvey Weinstein is not currently in jail. He is home with an ankle monitor.

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It’s a ploy.
It’s like dressing a female teacher accused of molesting a student in a very conservative outfit.

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Sympathy play at its finest. It just tells me that yes they are definitely guilty or they wouldn’t need to play pitiful

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The sheer number of accusers, points to guilt, to me. In both cases.
Weinstein, is definitely faking it. The guy on the walker, is very different from the guy who was addressing the allegations, when it all came out.

I can accept, that Cosby, is feeling his age. But. I think he did everything he’s accused of.
I have seen multiple actors, and comedians, saying that they heard he was a creep…

They are two different cases. Both terrible. But. Cosby’s crimes, were worse. IMO.

That being said, I think they should both be in prison…

I loved Bill Cosby. I loved a lot of movies Harvey was involved with. I just didn’t know what they were up to, in their personal lives.
Cosby, was the biggest surprise. He never cursed, in his stand up, and seemed like a good person.

It definitely reminds me of the Michael Jackson stuff. I still listen to his music. But. The lyrics to his music, take a different meaning now…

I guess MJ, is my favorite homosexual pedophile…
That’s fucked up…

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They continue to wear their “masks” same as before when everyone saw them as entertainers.
The definition of a wolf in sheep clothing, or sick, pathetic monsters!

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