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What is the average age of a Flutherite?

Asked by MarshallO (583points) August 31st, 2008

I came on here to escape another Q&A website, only to find that the majority of Questions on here appear to be rather juvenile! This is not meant as an “insult”, merely that it appears that Fluther is primarily geared toward the young, and not toward older persons like me.

I feel totally out of place on here.

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I’m 23 years old…but consider myself to be mature.

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I’m only 14.

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As soon as I asked this Question, the screen went blank, and when I returned, Fluther had removed the apostrophe from “I’m” and the ”&” between the “Q” and the “A” in Topics, which makes me look illiterate.

I’m feeling even less wanted!

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@RandomMrdan: We all did when we were 23. Later, we learned differently.

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Thanks to us, it just got higher.

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I will be 43 in three weeks.

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I’d put the average age here between 27 and 35. But, that is just a random sample of the age of the flutherites I know. Gail is in her 70s, flyawayballoon is 14, I’m in my mid-30s. I’d say that’s a good age spread.

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@SuperMouse: I’m old enough to be your father!

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I’m 54 and am quite comfortable here. I am, however, very selective of the questions I read.

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I’m 28, I think that could be a good guess tiny.

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I’m 30.

and thank you whatthefluther

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@whatthefluther: I guess “selectivity” is the answer!

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At least, I’m not under attack (yet) for this Question, which I would have been at the other Q&A site.

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@Marshall, my father Fluthers – shout out to NVOldGuy! And I’m old enough to be the mother of several Flutherites!

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<—- 35

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I will be 21 in September. What I love about Fluther is the wide variety of ages. Like what whatthefluther said: he’s selective of the questions, as we all are.

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Lots of us are older. I enjoy the questions and answers a great deal. Read the ones I am interested in. Skip others.
Like with so many others situations, you can make of this what you want. Really.

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@SuperMouse: Say “my father fluthers” fast, 200 times!

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MarshallO; we welcome maturity and wisdom always. Punctuation will disappear magically from “topics.” Otherwise, for better or worse (and you will see plenty of both here), unless you edit either your Q or A within five minutes, you are stuck. And if you enjoy good clear writing and ideas, you have found both Paradise Lost and Paradise Found. Do stay for a while and get a sense of the cast of characters.

There are tricks. You can flag a question or answer, discribe the specific sin and send a comment to a moderator privately. You can click on an icon or username and send a private message to him/her. There is a chatroom.

There are a few elders here. We have fun, most of the time. (Just brace yourself for the “its.” it’s”, etc. I have the definitive list of how to misspell “definitely” also.)

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Marshall: Check out “comments for you.”——->

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@Marshall Welcome to Fluther. Everyone is not young. I am a baby boomer. We had a huge influx of new users that resulted in some banal questions. but check through the topics and you will find some gripping threads. Hang with us a little longer.

Also, one thing i do when I don’t like the tenor of the questions is ask one of my own. Sometimes one question leads to lots of deeper ones.

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I would say average is around 30, I happen to be almost 18.

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i’m 19 but usually feel like i’m treated a lot younger. people expect little from us “teenagers”

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Well, Marshall, I think the average is creeping upwards.
(I’m not quite 60)
But for me, it is fun to hear younger ones think- and help out a little, if you can. If I don’t understand what they are saying, I move to something I think I am interpreting correctly. If I’m not, they let me know.

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20, here. I love that older members on this site respect my opinions, and that the ones younger than me seem quite mature (see lefteh).

Maturity is in the eye of the beholder…

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@all you “teenagers”: Believe me, I wish that I were still a teenager!

Enjoy it while you can! Growing old sucks—big-time.

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@MarshallO: I agree. I’m at a 3 Doors Down, Aaron Lewis, Hinder concert as I type and boy, do I feel old. Having fun tho.

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@MarshallO: Looks like you’ll have to be doing alot of adding to find the exact average age on Fluther. By the way, I’m 20. =)

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Yes, a lot of youngsters on this site, but that’s okay. I enjoy the energy. I’m somewhere between 44 and 46.

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I’m 41, my daughter (flyawayxxballoon) is 14. What I’ve found is that Fluther values intelligent, interesting users at any age. The “juvenile” users will eventually get bored, and move on. please let that be true!

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25 but ill b 26 in 2 days :)

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...And counting.

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I’m 20. I’ll be 21 on December 22nd. Ooh, cool.. 20, 21, 22.

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74 and still counting!!

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I’m 47 and I love that the crowd is so young. I hope they’re keeping me from being a stupid as I thought my parents were until I had kids. I have learned a lot from these guys. This getting old thing is kind of scary, especially the reading vision. What’s up with that? Understanding a younger perspective keeps me young. YEAH for diversity!

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17— Heart of a teenager but an attention span that rivals my goldfish.

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i thought i was the only one that used the gold fish memory span XD

and since its the cool thing to do, im turnin 19 in jan

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@mac316: I hope that you are “still counting” for a long time!

@everyone else: Thanks for all the kind answers! I was fully expecting to be “attacked”.

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@all; Well, I cudda been a contender; now I pass the torch (or cane) to Mac316.

@Marshall; just avoid pomposity, pseudo-knowledge and Dracula and his buddies, and we will love you.

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I am almost 53, at the end of this month. I tend to see a lot of younger people on here or it seems the questions tend to be ‘simple’ in what they are asking that I come across on this site. That is neither a bad thing or a good thing, just what I have noticed. Which doesn’t really require a detailed answer most often.

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@lollipop; Hang around a little longer; there are sub-cultures here. You may find one that really interests you. I hope so. Sometimes things need some leavening.

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@gailcalled, I am trying to ‘stick around’ for a bit to get a better feel of the site. Still trying to figure things out on here. Thanks

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Lurk; ask questions; ignore some of the spelling and use of language. You will pick out the nuggets from the silt.

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mmmmm. Nuggets.

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I’m a wee bit older than sndfreQ, and way younger than AstroChuck.

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Not way younger, SA!

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@MarshallO and @Gailcalled Thanks for the great comments, anyone for flying hot air balloons or RVing?


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@mac316: I am a “hot air balloon”!

Thanks, everybody!

lollipop's avatar

I have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon actually. Maybe someday I will be able to do that!

mac316's avatar

As a commercial pilot, I have had many opportunities to take folks for their first ride. We say, “It’s the most fun you can have, standing up!”

@lollipop, if you get a chance, take it, I’m sure you will like it. ;-)

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@mac316: If you get sick on anything moving – trains, planes, buses and cars, and even an 16’ outboard at anchor on a lake and rocking gently – what are the chances of enjoying the balloon ride? It does sound tempting.

mac316's avatar

It’s a common mis-conception that there is any sense of motion in a balloon. The basket is still during the majority of the flight. The only motion occurs during launch and landing. Sometimes the motion at these times can get real exciting!

Seriously, motion sickness is not a factor.

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I wouldn’t consider myself a full-fledged “flutherite”, since I’ve only been here a short time and haven’t participated all that much. ANYWAY…..I’m 39.

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@waterbearer…Welcome and do stick around. The average age is probably low 20s, so we old flutherers welcome new older jellies (which is probably anything over 29 to the majority). But don’t get me wrong, I’m a young at heart 54 yo jelly, I absolutely love the youth and the diversity of the collective and have a blast here. Relax, make yourself at home and I guarantee you’ll learn something and have fun at the same time. Enjoy!

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yes, waterbearer…this place is a LOT more fun than the other place which I wont’ mention. I’m 37, and I feel right at home here. Even though there were fewer “kids” on the other site, I feel like the maturity level is much higher here to the point that I don’t have to self-censor NEARLY as much.

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it’s okay, you can mention it. We all know the horror what is Yahoo! answers.

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Actually, I was referring to Askville, I’ve followed links to Yahoo! answers, and I’ll say one thing…there’s a reason they call them yahoos. Every answer is like “yea, sos ur muther!”

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yeah? sos ur muther!

shockvalue's avatar

… why’s the yahoo now?

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-Shock; Why is the yahoo now what?

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I’m a thirty-something mom.

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Hi MarshallO, Dale,Waterbearer from Bumsville

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hola, Senora!

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