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Are you watching the debate in Nevada?

Asked by JLeslie (63229points) February 19th, 2020 from iPhone

What do you think?

I can’t believe what I’m watching.

Please discuss.

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I missed it, but did record it. Settling in to watch now.

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I watched the first hour or a little more than an hour, then I fell asleep. I haven’t watched any other debates this campaign season so I have nothing to compare it to. I watched mostly out of interest in seeing how Bloomberg would do.

I noticed all of them pointing fingers at each other (mostly at Bloomberg and Sanders) and also each makes points about how they are the one candidate that can do ________ or who has done _________.

I find Elizabeth Warren annoying for some reason. I thought Sanders looked good. Biden looks like an old shaky man, to me. On the news this morning, they were saying the debate stage is not Bloomberg’s strongest area.

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It was pretty mind blowing. It was like heavyweight fighters trying to find the knockout punch.

Trump won.

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I worked tonight but recorded it and am watching now.

Bloomberg would do horribly against Trump during a debate.

Warren is coming across as if she’s auditioning to be Bernie’s running mate.


Bernie is tough as ever.

Pete is trying to play with the big boys but grasping at straws.

Amy is tough and has a great sense of humor.

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Warren vs Bloomberg was fun. ‘No, I’m not talking about Trump, but Bloomberg.’ Good one, Liz.

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@Caravanfan I think Trump wins too! Good God that was awful, I’m totally disgusted.

@ALL I think Warren was trying to show she could debate Trump, but she would lose. She came across as a bitch. I was completely turned off and annoyed by her.

Buttigieg and the Hispanic reporter were terrible to Klobuchar, Warren actually came to her defense.

Buttigieg, who I really liked for a while, is spitting in the wind. He most likely will have a table turned on him when he makes a mistake, forgets a name, he is young and cocky, and I found it to the point of disrespectful and ignorant.

Bernie and Biden were their usual selves. Which is fine. Biden doesn’t seem quite confident enough, but he did have some humor and he was able to answer questions.

Bernie, I just like him way better in Town Meetings than on. the debate stage. I like them all better in town meetings.

I’m disgusted by how the hosts and Warren cherry picked against Bloomberg. Especially the sexual harassment stuff. I really care about sexual harassment, obviously, but none of the agreements signed in his company were accusations against Bloomberg personally.

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I’m waiting for it to come out on DVD.

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Bloomberg wins! Everything everybody else up there tried to make an issue of was nothing to Bloomberg’s honest, straight-forward responses!
Warren was frantic!
Bernie was on defense, not moving ahead, not falling behind.
Biden was trying to regroup, but to little avail.
Buttigieg was direct, cool and calm, with all his ducks in a row! SO dynamic!!
Klobachar was also on defense, her hackles raised, too intense, too defensive.

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On the radio this morning, they pointed out that in two weeks it’s Super Tuesday and then most of these candidates will be gone. They were speculating about who will be gone. Klobuchar, Butigieg. They were saying probably it will be Warren, Biden and Bernie.

I am guessing it will be Bloomberg, Warren and Bernie and maybe Biden will be out.

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@jca2 and @kritiper Interesting answers.

I think Klobuchar could hold on actually and make it to the final 3. She’s very likable in the town halls.

The response to Warren on my Facebook feed is interesting. People loving her last night or really annoyed. The lovers are mostly very far left wing friends and relatives.

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I think the final three will be Bernie, Mike, and Pete.

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I think everyone won but Bloomberg. Biden was stronger and clearer than usual, Klobuchar and Buttigieg made their best case to the voters, Sanders was steady, and very strong when challenged directly on socialism, Warren was energetic and ready for battle, and everyone held to the message that if you support them, then Bloomberg cannot be your second third or fourth choice.

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A food fight! Entertaining but not very pretty. No Democratic winners that I could see.

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