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What is the perfect name for a firefighter?

Asked by Jonsblond (5956points) February 19th, 2020 from iPhone

This is a true story. A nearby town has a fireman named Les McBurney.

Is this not the perfect name? Can you come up with something better?

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A true, hero.

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Sigh, no fun but you win.


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Ivor Longhose

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Lol. Nice!

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Sweatypalms Firecrotch.

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Flame Douser.

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Ashley Fiero
Heath Ashburn

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Commissioner Robert Bustible or Comm. Bustible

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Ash Burnett

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Eggs Tingwish.

Heeputs Owtphyres.

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Howard Hoser.

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Underpaid McPayHerosMoreFace

edit :: there was a question here about a firefighter/EMT that was unsure about if the costs of his bills (stuff like rent, electricity) would mesh with his income. Like could he afford to have a one bedroom apartment while saving our bacon.

That he is concerned is fucking gross.

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Roscoe McQueen

(This was the name of a firefighter in a goofy old video game. But somehow it works).

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Dougie Douser
Mr. E. X. Tinguish
The Smother Brothers
Mr. L.E.T.S. Snuffout

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In the interests of equality…
Carrie Mabukitt

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