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Yesterday the mayor of San Francisco ordered the closing of all the marijuana outlets in the city. This morning she rescinded the order and declared the dope outlets “essential services.” What’s the situation where you live?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24138points) March 18th, 2020 from iPhone

What’s in YOUR medicine cabinet?

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That’s fu_ _ed up. I don’t live anywhere near there.

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That is blatant pandering to the electorate.
I loved Diane Feinstein as mayor of SF, but I am critical of the amount of time it took her to close the bathhouses when AIDS was destroying the gay community.

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I’ve been told that the industry donated heavily to her honor’s campaign

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And when they (the users and the shop owners) start spreading Covid-19 amongst themselves, will her honor fess up to making a mistake?

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Exactly the same happened here; one day they were ordered shut (long waiting lines that evening for the shops), next day that decision was turned around.
They’re open (for take-away only).

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We don’t have legal marijuana in Georgia, so that’s not an issue here.

On the other hand, I drove by as liquor store (we call them package stores here) and they were doing a booming business last night.

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How are the dispensaries not like pharmacies?

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^ Good point.

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