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How long would it take a common pet dog to decide to eat your corpse after you die of Coronavirus?

Asked by ragingloli (46416points) 4 days ago

I know that cats would start nibbling on you pretty quickly.
How long would it take your dog to see you as a nice snack?
Is it different for different breeds?

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The key point would be: when was the dog last fed? If he just ate before I croaked, then he might not need to get to me for 5–6 hours.

The other question, of more importance – how long after death does it take for the human body to become rancid and unappealing to eat? I think there’s probably a window of time where I would be tasty, but after that, even a dog wouldn’t eat me because the meat would turn rank and the dog would sniff it and avoid it.

If I’m dead, I couldn’t care less what eats me.

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Sadie has a rather hearty appetite. I’d give it about 5 minutes until she starts snacking.

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Jessie would probably give it 24 hours after her last meal.

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Immediately, if not sooner as I use Sweet Baby Ray’s as a moisturizer.

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My dog Pags, a Japanese Spitz, if he were alive would start nibbling on me once intense hunger strikes…but I think he will be a bit conflicted about it.

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it has happened.

Dog behaviors vary by breed, and by treatment. Some will die of starvation snuggled to the corpse, some will start feeding when the owner is still breathing.

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Since my cat Katrina would take about 2 years to eat a whole Brian, I’ll try to squeeze myself into my freezer, if I start getting symptoms. ;-p

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Stipulate the experiment in your will.

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