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What's your take on junk mail from the Trump campaign?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27787points) 4 days ago

Today’s mail: oversized thick envelope with a “republican presidential survey” in it, and a solicitation for money. (Fat chance!)

I’m of several minds about it:

1) waste of paper and postage – why are they sending it to me?

2) waste of paper and postage – but if they want to squander their campaign funds, who am I to tell them how to spend their money?

3) this solicitation certainly helped keep several people employed: the writer, the editor, the printer/typesetter, the mailing service, and countless members of the USPS. So mail, even junk mail, is good for the economy

What’s your thinking? Is politically-related junk mail good for the economy despite its irrelevance?

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All junk mail, political or otherwise goes straight from my mailbox into the barrel. Doesn’t even make it in the house.

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I’ve received several of these already.
I convert them into BTUs in my wood burning stove. 20 pounds of paper is worth a gallon of heating oil. ~$2.00.

I did open one or two of the letters for fun. They asked questions in such a biased form you really could not answer other than what they want to hear. Then they asked for money.

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I sure don’t get anything from the Trump campaign. But they are smart enough to know it isn’t worth it to spend money in California.

I did get an email for the “Official Presidential Approval Poll” with fine print saying it had been sent by Trump for President. What a waste of electrons.

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Instead of a check, send it back so they’ll have to pay postage, and send a note saying the current pandemic has made you aware Biden is the man to handle a national crises.

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The recycling bin rests below the mailbox for just such opportunities and the waste involved is truly scandalous.

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I tend to toss all junk mail, regardless. Especially political ads. Useless wastes of time.

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