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How cheap is your gas?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27787points) 4 days ago

This morning at the Shell about two miles away:

$1.45 for regular unleaded.


What’s the price where you are?

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I was just wondering the same thing. I left my house only once in the past two weeks and didn’t check the gas prices. I haven’t needed gas. I just googled the gas station closest to me is $1.80 for regular unleaded according to gasbuddy.

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1.99 for unleaded. As of 3/25/20.

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It’s at $1.72.
I thought of this when I saw your question….
Couldn’t help it

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@lucillelucillelucille your mind goes in many directions all at once.

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@elbanditoroso -But at $1.72 and dropping per gallon, I won’t run out any time soon :)

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@lucillex3 in their good hair days!

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1.72 per gallon, SW Missouri today.

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$3.39 in Northern California.

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@lucillelucillelucille that is evil, now i have to shelter in place with BeeGees earworms.

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$3.39?! Holy crap. So drastically different than other parts of the country.

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Yep. Gas has always been expensive in the Bay. Gas prices are in the 2’s here in Reno, so not bas bad as NorCal but higher than much of the country.

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$2.45.9 for regular, 3/26/20.

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Woah. I haven’t been out in probably a week, but last time it was $1.49.

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^What area of the country do you live in?

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$1.45 at Costco.

$1.49 at Kroger.

$1.69 at Speedway.

$1.79 at Shell.

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Depends where you fill up of course, mine comes in at £1:28 per litre.

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2.49 & falling still for regular at both Costco stations in South San Francisco. And the action of the Saudis combined with the plummeting of demand due to the corona virus means no end in sight. It would be wonderful if we could store the stuff. Too bad it has a shelf life.

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I read this question like the Bee Gee song

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How deep is your love?

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$0.69/liter in Edmonton.

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@stanleybmanly None of your business you saucy mare…yeah, that one

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After leaving quarantine, I went to fill my tank for the drive home, and I was shocked to see gas at $2.49.
I’ve been gone for a month. Did this happen over night?

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Oh bugger, I just noticed lol

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South central Wisconsin was $1.49 the other day. Northern Wisconsin has gas at $.99.

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$1.45 I’m guessing it’s because nobody is leaving home and they aren’t selling any

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$1.78/gallon NE Ohio. It has been that way for about two weeks.

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