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Cutting your own hair now? and other DIY adaptations and privations.

Asked by Jeruba (49259points) 1 month ago

If you don’t normally have regular appointments for hair and other nonessential treatments, you won’t miss them.

But if you do, what are you doing instead?

My gray roots are showing already, and the ends are getting ragged. I’m vacillating between asking one of the men in my household to give me a trim and attempting it myself. So far I’ve done neither, but I’ll be missing an appointment next week.

It doesn’t matter, in a way, because I’m not going anywhere; but it’s good for one’s morale to keep things up.

How about you?

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I have an appointment for a haircut at the end of next month.If it can’t be kept, I can wait awhile.
My husband cuts his own hair and does a fine job so if I had to, I’d ask him to cut mine.
I don’t really want a flat top but summer’s just around the corner so it might be practical. XD

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I might have to do some work on my feet, myself, since my pedicure is not open the foreseeable future.
I can’t do everything she does normally, but I think I’ll manage it okay.

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I cut it myself or have my husband do it.

My hair is right below my shoulders, and if I cut it, I just wash my hair, towel and air dry a little so it is damp, flip my head forward brushing my hair forward and then cut off an inch. I use my left hand to pull the hair taught between my forefinger and middle finger, and cut with my right. Then stand upright and brush my hair back, and check with a mirror to see the back. Then shape the sides around my face. I also add some layers. You could always just try a half inch and see, and at worst have your husband fix it if it is very jagged. It will better than you might guess.

If you have short hair that is a different story. More difficult to cut yourself I think, especially the back.

I usually dye my hair a different day then when I cut it. I use the temporary dye usually, but I am still mostly brunette, although that is changing.

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@JLeslie -Afraid of commitment too, eh? ;) I use the semi-permanent dye as well.

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Access to a barber is one of those issues that nags me with growing intensity. Fortunately, the opportunities to view my head are for me infrequent, so the matter is readily ignored. It’s when I brush my teeth or shower that I am confronted with the awful truth and those experiences are now defined as sessions through which my mind searches for remedies. Now that you’ve done me the disservice of raising the topic here, the opportunities for obsessing over the issue have risen exponentially, testing the defensive integrity of my short attention span.

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I have cut my own hair for years. To about 1cm length. All you need is a mirror, and hands to feel the back of your head.

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I tried using the trim part of my buzzer, 3 years ago, but I keep missing spots in the back of my head. Was fun.

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I had been thinking of letting my grow for a while and now it is happening. It could do with shaping but I’m finding it sort of interesting to see what happens with it. I will not try to cut it myself.

I did just buy a product to cover the gray roots that are coming in. It’s kind of like an impermanent powder that you brush on but seems like it won’t hurt and will do the trick. Again, I wasn’t too worried and thought that even if the gray grew in it might be interesting to see how much was there.

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I got an email from the UK Department of Health warning me not to eat tinned pork because it contains the risk of Covid-19, ignored it though…it was spam!
I’ve shaved my head for a number of years now & so that’s no issue.

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I tend to go 7–10 months between haircuts, and had it cut in, er, November or so, so I’m managing ok.

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Usually a family member uses the sheers to shorten my hair. I just ordered this device called the Barber eliminator. It looks like it should work well. It comes in this Saturday, or it’s supposed it. I hope to try it out and see.

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I cut about 4 inches off my wife’s hair a couple days ago. She says that she likes what I did. I’ve never cut a women’s hair before. She trusted me to do it well because I’ve been cutting my own hair for at least 40 years. I started cutting my own hair because a barber told me that my hair looked better before he cut it. Then he and the other barber there laughed at me. I said something like, “Oh and do you think that I’ll ever come back here again?” Crazy. I told myself, “Why should I pay someone to make my hair look bad when I can do that for free”. My sister gave me an ancient pair of electric clippers that I used for many years. I’m sure that I’ve saved many hundreds of dollars and lots of time and aggravation by cutting my own hair. Got pretty good at it as I passed many Army inspections with my haircuts.

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@zenvelo No way I could have waited. Cutting my hair last week was part of my getting ready in case I am hospitalized. Sounds negative, but I have had bronchitis for weeks and it is terrifying to think I might catch C19 before I can get rid of this current lung thing I have. I’ve cut my hair before, but this time I cut off a little more than usual, My hair gets ratty and knotty fast without washing and conditioner and brushing. I wish my house was cleaner also; I need to do that Swedish death clean.

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My partner made me cut his hair today. He owns a trimmer and has taught me how to use it. I wish that he would return the favor.

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I definately need a trim and thin out, but ponytails are working for the interim. I finally put on mascara and lipstick today though, just not issues I care much about.

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I’ve been cutting my own hair since 1982 when I moved away from the area where the only great barber I ever had was.
Dreading looking for a new barber I took a few attempts over a couple months to develop a method that works well enough, takes about ten minutes, and costs only a little electricity.

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I only have mine cut once a month. My hairdresser has a small shop & she’s the only operator there. She doesn’t do appointments but she’s close to my house & I can call & she usually says come right now. Knowing that things were going to get worse, I called her about 10 days ago to get it cut. I had her take off a little extra this time. So, I could easily be good to go for the next month or so. I can usually go a little over a month without dire consequences & I’m hoping we will be coming out the other side of this mess before I’m desperate for another cut. I have been known to trim around my face when overdue for a cut. With the way my hair is cut, trimming around the face gives the appearance of a new cut. I don’t worry if the back is getting longer. Also, since I’m self-isolating nobody but me is going to know how shaggy I’ve gotten & by the time anyone else can see it, they will be as shaggy as me if not worse.

Don’t know what color your hair is, but I’ve been using Fanciful for years to cover my gray. It’s a temporary dye that washes out with every shampoo. I started using it to cover my roots when I wanted to let the permanent dye grow out. Back then I had dark brown hair & I washed my hair, added the Fanciful just before styling it. Now I have a lot of gray & I don’t want to go dark, so I use the Fawn which is a very light brown. I don’t go over my whole head. putting just a little in my palm & rubbing my fingers through it, I then run my fingers through my hair so I don’t cover all the gray…just most of it. The color is light enough that it looks more natural for what I have now…just not as much gray!!!

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