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After this pandemic is long over do you think you will still practice some form of social distancing?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18524points) 1 month ago

Just to be on the safe side?
I wonder if Bars, movie houses, and concerts will ever be the same?

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I’ll make a point of social distancing from people who don’t believe in vaccines and science.

Seriously. A year from now, we will be back to our old habits and this will be a distant and happily forgotten episode.

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No. I will however still wash my hands properly from now on. 20 seconds and full wash, all fingers and wrists.

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I might hug a little less.

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A lady on the elevator told me she couldn’t wait til this was all over so she could hug everyone she saw. I stepped away from her. She was getting a bit giddy.

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Well, no more than I already do (er… did before… there’s not much difference for me), being someone who mainly works at home, and goes out to shop and walk/hike.

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I’ve ordered our butler to carry out all essential duties from afar.
He just emailed me instructions on how to use a kettle.

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Since China is having a second wave, I think I will continue social distancing for awhile. Who knew hugs were a luxury.

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A China second wave?
That’s news to me.
Can you fill me in a bit?

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Yeah, @KNOWITALL could you post a link to that news?
I have heard there will be a second wave coming for everyone makes sense that china is getting theirs first.

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Thank you, @KNOWITALL.

Well, “having a second wave” is putting it a bit bluntly.
What I read in all three articles is that there are new cases of people with Covid-19, but no mention of numbers, or waves.
The three articles are also all speaking of authorities that fear a new wave.
Also, in one of the articles it is written that “On Wednesday, the National Health Commission reported 36 new infections — all but one imported cases.”

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@rebbel Yes, it’s a waiting game at this point.

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I agree on that.

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