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What have you learned during this Pandemic ,and what would you do differently next time?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18575points) 2 months ago

Regarding Covid19.

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That there is nothing bad about staying at home for an extended period of time, and sometimes the government isn’t as bad as people claim to be.

On a more personal level, I found out that sometimes a lot of time in your hand can breed laziness. My thesis’s deadline has been fluctuating a lot. In December last year the deadline was in February, and everyone in my class thought they had a lot of time in their hand to finish their projects and declined a chance to ask for an extension. Then it was February and the deadline was now March, and everyone was freaked out! I met some people in my class and asked them what they had been doing during the last months, and there came excuses like the holiday preparation, family matter… because they all thought they had a lot of time. And now the deadline was rumor to be extended again, and seemed like everyone has fallen into the same trap. It could be a dangerous place to be in…

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I would do nothing different.
I think government employees, from POTUS down, and in many countries realize now a need for keeping stockpiles current, and well stocked. I guess everyone assumes hospitals stay on top of such things. It is now obvious that they don’t. Now that we know, I hope such readiness will be government regulated. It should not have to be, but obviously changes are vital.

There is something I think should be adopted by every human on the planet. I think every country should agree to have an opt out month. Everyone would get one week, but to keep world markets from experiencing financial death, the event should be staggered.

In the way that the Jewish Passover is observed every year, so that no good Jew forgets, the world should give everyone an assigned week to isolate.

It has been good for environment, good for wildlife, good for families, good for a soul cleansing. We should do an annual reminder by taking one week to ponder the costs in human lives, revenue, businesses. It should be aside from vacation time.
It would help people to remember how important emergency reserves are.

No way will it happen, but it should.

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Can I get an AMEN??!!

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The ignorance of so many people regarding contagious infectious diseases like cold and flu to the point that even when told daily how it works they still don’t understand.

That politics can literally kill people.

The a lot of people at this point are cult-like regarding their political parties. Brainwashed.

I already kind of knew this but, that people have willful amnesia. They don’t remember what was told to them to excuse their favorite leaders from not knowing something. The response to the Governor of Georgia made this strikingly clear to me. Bastard is actually going to get away with trying to say he didn’t know the virus is spread by people who are asymptomatic? Mind you, three weeks ago Elizabeth Warren said she had just learned it, and I was furious about it at the time.

What would I do differently? I think I would sound the alarm sooner about everyone sewing masks to protect each other. I sat on the idea to try to help the effort of getting masks to medical professionals. Plain logic with everything the medical experts were saying made it obvious masks would help.

I will always have more pantry food in the house from now on and a back up of TP. Also, some antiseptic items in stock in my house too. Like even just an extra bottle of alcohol. If we all just always had a little extra we wouldn’t experience the insanity in supermarkets before storms and now killer viruses.

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I won’t do much different than I already do.
Back in February, in spite of my efforts to avoid such things, I got pretty sick (about 3 weeks) It rendered me unable to walk for a few days, among other difficulties.
My husband took off work to help for a week and for that I am thankful.
In spite of my efforts to avoid such things, I still got sick. Go figure.
I have no plans to live my life in a fearful, paranoid state.

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This question should be asked to Xi Jinping. What did you know, when did you know it and what did you do? He’s likely responsible for this Pandemic.

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I’d get a debit card BEFORE I went to the dump.

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That people are scared of their own shadow & consequently, will rely on almost anyone spewing out info as if they were the messiah…needy & weak minded.
I will do nowt different, keep on keeping on…I like my chances.

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^^Is that really something you just learned? I don’t mean that as a criticism. I’m just interested that we don’t get the message out to people well. Like in K-12 or just information from our government maybe.

I like the video.

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Reveal, I did already know, but I hadn’t seen it conveyed so funny before.

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