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Did your kids ever refuse to eat colored eggs?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16737points) 1 month ago

For Easter?

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Nope! hard boiled eggs for lunch on easter Monday!

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No, egg salad sandwiches for lunch of Easter Tuesday

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One grandson refuses if the color leaks through onto the egg.

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Never had children of my own, but I’ve always been a babysitter. I’ve never had a child refuse to eat an Easter egg. The first time the color seeped through a cracked shell, I wasn’t thrilled about eating it. My Mom assured me that it was safe & tasted exactly the same. I trusted her so I tried & there was NO difference so I didn’t have a problem after that!!!

The ONLY time I had a problem with a colored egg was when I was an adult. It was when the book Green Eggs & Ham came out & everybody was saying it was impossible to eat a green egg. I didn’t believe then, so one Saturday morning I cooked some green scrambled eggs. My husband gagged as soon as he saw them & I couldn’t eat them either. So, I gave all the eggs to our dog & he also refused to eat them. At that point I had to admit that most people won’t eat green eggs!!!

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