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Would you name your newborn twins "Covid" and "Corona"?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27996points) 1 month ago

Poor kids


If you had kids born in the pandemic days, what would you name them?





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TP and WHO

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I mean, kids are a plague, so yes.

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I bet no one is going to name their child Covid for no reason, but Corona means crown and it was a normal name before the epidemic.

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It can always be worse

And I actually think Covid and Corona sound like pretty good names if it wasn’t for our current situation. But in ten years when everyone forgets the horror they will have cool name origin stories. Fuuck, my mom picked my sister and my names from a tv show.

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No I would not. But it’s different, I’ll give them that…

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Snuggle Bug

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When I was carrying twins, we had a “name the babies” contest. We have an unusual surname, so we played off of that. Oh, so many funny options! One of my favorites was
Polly Esther.

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No. But I would give them the names: Mayhem and Chaos,

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