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Are you using online delivery services (e.g., Amazon, Instacart, etc.) much more during this shutdown?

Asked by LuckyGuy (37841points) 1 month ago

I sure am. How would we have done this without those services? Are you disinfecting the packages you receive before bringing them into your living space? If you are, how are you doing it?

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I don’t know, Yes, Have a disinfectant wipe container at the front door.

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I have just started using Walmart pick up service and I love it. However there are certain things I can’t get there. So, I still have to make some trips out. Yes I wipe down everything that comes into the house. I sure could use more disinfectant wipes !

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No. Since I work in grocery I get what I need when my shift is over.

Our workers aren’t paid what they are worth right now. Customers are coughing all over the place.

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No, because I don’t usually need to buy enough to get the delivery minimum.

I am using the roll-it-out-to-your-car pickup service.

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I’ve been an Amazon baby for over 15 years…yet, I’m NOT using them more now than before the virus!!! I also frequently use Walmart or sometimes eBay. As I’ve grown older, I’ve made it a habit to self quarantine during the Flu season every year. During that time I’ve always bought mainly from Amazon or Walmart staying in my home as much as possible. Since my stroke, I find it extremely difficult to cook for myself so I usually ate out choosing the slow time of day to have my meal or I’d get takeout & eat at home if they were busier than normal. Although I’m finding the current self isolating to be inconvenient, I don’t find it that much different than what I have been doing over the last 10 years or so!!!

According to Dr Fauci, the virus doesn’t hang around on cardboard boxes & that any virus that might cling to the product should have died off during transit. So, I’ve not been as diligent in sanitizing my deliveries as others have been. I do wash my hands as recommended & IF my gut feels uncomfortable with a specific item, I do wash it down but I don’t feel comfortable adding chemicals to my environment so I don’t use a lot of disinfectants or sanitizers.

I’m at the age to where I’m going to die from something. I’m NOT going to run up & kiss someone I know has the virus, but I’m also not going to spend my final days in fear. IF the virus takes me out of here, I’m prepared to go as I’m at peace with my demise!!!

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I have only had seeds delivered from away because I doubt I’ll be able to get the starts I like locally when it’s time. Even at that, ordering a few weeks ago, so many were out of stock, people are planning food gardens this year in record numbers.

I haven’t needed to order food, as I always tend to have a well-stocked pantry, and I had done a regular Costco run before this really started.

But damn, Harry and David has some really glorious ads for things I would never order…and now crave. Getting harder and harder to resist…

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Not yet. I’m pretty well stocked up on canned goods and frozen meats. I’m keeping an eye on the TP situation of which I have 15 rolls. My brother was at the store yesterday and bought me some, so when I need it he can leave it on my doorstep. I have plenty of water and Diet Pepsi because both were on sale before this started.
I’m not going on any shopping sites as I’m hoarding my money. I was furloughed starting Monday so I’m a bit panicked. I don’t have a start back date.

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Oh yes. Mainly things I would not normally use Amazon for like hardware supply stuff I would usually just go to Lowe’s for like exterior paint and brushes, latches screws etc.. A few food items we are running short on that would be nice to have but not worth going to the store for like sauces. Been hammering our Amazon Prime account here lately.

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I and other people in my area have been having a hard time with trying to use Instacart. The system is overloaded; I tried a couple of times but could not get a delivery time. Other people have had confirmed orders and delivery times and then have had their orders canceled at the last minute.

I’ve been using Amazon Prime more than usual lately and even found some third party offerings like sour dough bread that will be delivered by them.

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No, actually, much less. Typically my online orders are for things I can easily do without, like a paperback novel or an extra pair of slippers. Entertainment, really.

Also, I hate to go shopping for anything, always have, so ordering for delivery has been a great resource for many years. I used to actually buy things by mail from catalogs, send checks and then wait four to six weeks for delivery. Amazon Prime has been a major treat.

But now I feel like I shouldn’t bother Amazon workers with my trivial wants when people are ordering things they actually need. And I sure don’t have to order any more books.

When it comes to prescription refill time, though, we’ll see if I cave on the resistance to apps.

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Oh, and as for disinfecting: I can’t really see washing paper and cardboard. I bring the mail and any parcels in and set them aside for 24 hours. Then I do wash my hands well right away.

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@Jeruba In terms of reluctance to order “trivial” items from Amazon Prime, they are prioritizing essential items and tell you that non-essential items will be delivered more slowly and they are – which is fine.

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I haven’t yet, but I might start, I think it’s a good idea. I have lots of friends using Instacart. In fact, where I live quite a few of the delivery people are employees who were laid off by the developer where I live, and people feel good that it’s helping them. Most people I know let the box sit for a day. Some people wipe it down also. Some people wipe down everything inside the box and wash fresh produce in soapy water. I’ve been letting pantry food sit for a few days and finally put it away. I’ve heard plastic you need to wait 4 days. Cold and frozen food I wipe down with wipes or alcohol, and I find it annoying. The virus lives very well in the cold. The whole food thing is nerve wracking to me. I’m considering eating take-out sometimes, which I was nervous to do originally.

I tried to do Walmart pickup, but when I tried (twice) there were no times available.

I’ve been nervous to eat veggies that are uncooked, I guess I shouldn’t be? Does anyone else feel that way?

I just received an email from Panera that they are doing deliveries including groceries like fresh produce, milk, bread, and that might be easier since fewer people are probably using that service. I just mention it, because it might be appealing to someone here.

My city has its own large greenhouse farms and there is a mobile unit you can call ahead with an order. They also have a store. I might utilize the mobile unit. It’s in a different location each day of the week and you go meet it and pick up your order. I think it’s all organic since it’s in the greenhouses.

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Trying to order from Whole Foods Amazon for many days now but no more delivery windows each time I log in. Was told they do open up during the day but I don’t have time to stare at the screen waiting for that.

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I haven’t done Instacart or any grocery delivery service. I go to the stores about once or twice a week. I go to Costco and there’s a Walmart in a rural area that I go to, which is never crowded even when the virus isn’t around. I have Amazon Prime but I don’t use it for food, typically.

I bought two large things of toilet paper at Costco before the panic started, (30 rolls each) and then about a week ago I bought a 48 roll one, so right now I have a lot of TP. I think I could go until around Christmas with the TP I have now. I tell people I know that if they get low and are desperate, I can give them some.

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@jca2 like to give three of four more GA’s.

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I think they’re both striking right now? We can manage to not cross the picket lines for Instacart. But too hard to give up Amazon in the middle of all of this. Just bought a pulse oximeter on Amazon. Pretty much sold out everywhere locally. :/

Anything that comes into the house (groceries, packages, mail, etc.) gets processed.

Packages, mail and non-perishable groceries are quarantined in garage for three days.

Contents of items that can be transferred are repackaged into our own containers.

Any item that’s washable (plastic containers, wax cartons, canned food, some produce, etc.) is washed with mild soap and water.

Any item that can’t be washed (some produce, meat, etc.) is bagged into a ziplock bag and not used for three days.

After shopping trips, wash hands immediately. Mask goes in ziplock bag. Strip and shower. Door handles, keys, phone, door knobs, bottom of shoes are disinfected.

(We check off several at risk groups listed by CDC.)

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Yes, in NYC we have groceries delivered by FreshDirect who are now swamped by new customers and expanded usage… try getting a delivery slot less than two weeks away now.|
We also routinely mail-order stuff like household supplies or liquids so we don’t have to carry them home (without a car).

In a co-op building with 450 residents, our front-desk people are spraying all packages with Lysol or other serious disinfectant and letting them sit an hour or so before checking them in for us to pick up.

I still wipe down some stuff further… recently received a machine kit from Shenzhen (was delayed three months due to lockdown there) and I wiped down all the internal contents before I started to put the thing together. (hilariously inadequate instructions, but ultimately the gizmo is working fine).

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@janbb, on any given day someone’s real necessity is going to be more important than my entertainment; but when my delayed order comes to the top after, say, three days, it’s going to precede someone’s urgent need of that day.

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With my son, DIL, and grandson staying with us we now have so many boxes I can heat my house with them.

We are definitely using delivery services more.

Before I bring anything into the house.I disinfect it with a high concentration (about 50ppm for 30 minutes) of ozone gas in a 100 quart cooler. I also do my gloves, mask, or any clothes that might be contaminated.

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Only buy the essentials, says this piece, and not things you don’t need; because it does make a difference to the workers:

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One person’s essential may not be for another person. I don’t drink milk so it’s not essential to me. People in my state have brown water, so buying bottled water may not be essential to people with clean tap water, but essential to others. Maybe that Disney movie will keep your child entertained enough that the father or mother doesn’t beat the crap out of the kid. Who gets to choose?

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