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Do I have to use I-Tunes to put songs on my Ipod?

Asked by TrenchantWit (285points) September 2nd, 2008

isn’t there a way i can just drop and drag songs into it?

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From my experiences thus far, iTunes is your only option, though you can upload songs into iTunes from other locations.

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Yes you have to used iTunes, but you can sync other purchasing sites and apps to download to your iTunes as long as it is in the right format. The same with videos as well (they have to be MPEG-4) but Apple does not let the iPod just become a drag and drop drive. (Although their are some apps that you can get that can turn you iPod into a drag and drop drive if you really wanted).

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It’s iTunes or nothin’!

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yeah that’s what im talking about, i want to somewhat “jailbreak” it.

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Well I can try to get you the name of the program that will simply make it a drag and drop drive if that is what you are looking for.

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