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Book readers. What problems do book readers encounter when reading a book?

Asked by Oddie18 (13points) April 28th, 2020

Book readers. What problems do book readers encounter when reading a book? For example having to re-read text. List your problems and what you did to overcome them.

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I hate e-readers. I read physical books with physical pages.

I have no problems.

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Interruptions or distractions.

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Cats that hold the pages down with their feet.
I’m working on solving this problem.

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Spilled coffee or other drinks, children, that dust cover that seems to always be a hassle.

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It hurts my eyes after awhile, since you can’t change the stark white background in a book like phone. Bookmarks get lost often or slide out when you carry books around. Binding is sometimes loose.

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A lot less than a digital book, that’s for sure.

Easier on the eyes as long as lighting in the home is good.

Like a computer of cellphone screen one should look away from the book page for every twenty minutes of reading, usually that’s when I get my coffee or take a breaks for a piece of fruit etc.
I can now get through so many more books easier during this Pandemic!
I think that I am a speed reader now

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I read in bed before falling asleep. My biggest problem is placing the book high enough so I can read it without forcing my head down and closing off my airway.. If I had a big belly I could rest the book there, but I don’t. I consider this a positive trade off.
Instead I rest the book on top of a box of tissues resting on my stomach..

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The last page is upon me before I’m ready to finish the book!

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For me it is always an issue of how to hold the book! Most books, not so bad. I have been getting into some of Stephen Kings longer books though and have noticed that just literally holding the book is sometimes a problem, especially for extended periods! lol

And, as @Adagio said, the utter horror of having to leave the book-universe which I have become so completely engulfed in, always much too soon.

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Usually if I am reading it is right before bed. And when I get into bed, my body knows it is time to sleep. So if I have a good book, it might take a long time to get through it in one page increments. I did read an entire book on a cruise one time. The biggest problem I have had with reading a book was long ago on the sub. I was reading a really good whodunit mystery and some mean-spirited a-hole ripped the last few pages out as a joke. I had to wait a couple months to get back into port to find out whodunit. Thankfully all I I had to do was browse a copy at the store to see and didn’t have to buy another copy.

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I can read so fast that I forgot what the last paragraph said :D But then again I read mostly scientific books so…

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I love reading books. Sometimes my big problem is finishing a whole chapter before I get too tired for the night. Not that it’s a rule to read a whole chapter. I just prefer to. Some of my books have long chapters.

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