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Do plants release carbon dioxide as a by-product of their cellular process?

Asked by whywhywhywhy (13points) May 11th, 2020

. Plants release carbon dioxide as a by-product of their cellular proce

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Plants use photosynthesis to turn carbon dioxide and water into sugars and oxygen. The reverse process is respiration, which takes the sugar and oxygen are releases carbon dioxide. Both plants and animals use respiration to tap into the energy stored in the sugars.

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Plant don’t release carbon dioxide, they use carbon dioxide as a source of carbon in photosynthesis.

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Yep they convert the carbon along with water to make wood, leaves, etc, loaded with hydrocarbons.

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No, they release oxygen. That’s why we need them so much.

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12H2O + 6CO2 (+light and chlorophyl) -> C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 6H2O.

So, no. They make glucose as their sugar and oxygen as a waste product. But we need oxygen and we exhale carbon dioxide. So we help each other.

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No. Plants absorb CO2 and release O2 as @Sanger detailed above.

BUT, when plants and wood are burned they release virtually the same amount of CO2 they absorbed during their life.

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When plants use photosynthesis, they absorb carbon dioxide. When they use respiration, they release it. You get the formula for respiration by reversing the arrow in @Sanger‘s equation and replace light with energy.

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To add to what @LostInParadise wrote plants only use more CO2 than they release when they are actively growing. A mature plant/tree is almost perfectly carbon neutral.

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Yes, but it is a good idea to understand that when you stare at all those living trees and plants, you are looking at sequestered carbon and we could stand to snatch a lot more of it from our air and oceans.

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Yes, they release CO2 in a process called cellular respiration.

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@stanleybmanly true but then you should chop those trees down, turn them into something useful that your won’t burn (like books) and plant new trees so they can take more CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Or alternatively stop polluting the ocean and killing all the phytoplankton that are doing all the actual heavy lifting in turning co2 into oxygen.

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