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Do you know who had/has C19?

Asked by Patty_Melt (16651points) May 17th, 2020

Tom Hanks and wife had it, we all know that.
Surprisingly, this guy and wife had it too.
Anyone you know of?

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Yes, my nephew, my grand nephew, and a friend. Also, my cousin’s daughter in law’s father had it and her grandfather died of it. Also, a local businessman died of it.

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My heartfelt condolences to you, and your family for your losses, and continuing worry.

I shall carry thoughts of hope for your loved ones who continue to fight to get well.

Tony Shaloub said he has been participating in the 7pm noisy salute to emergency service persons. I think that is a cool way to extend love to people who need it so much right now.

Hang in there, penguin.

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Currently waiting to hear if my daughter has it. She finally got tested the other day and they were supposed to have results for her yesterday, but didn’t.

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My sister-in-law’s aunt died from it.

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Thanks @Patty_Melt . The young people, my nephew and great nephew have recovered although my nephew is still fatigued. He was caring for his roommate who had it when he got it but he is ok. The friend has also recovered but she was pretty sick; luckily not on a ventilator.

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Yes. Four people, all recovered.

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Two members of my husband’s extended family have died.

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A taxi driver mate of mine, his mum had it & sadly died.
Also one of my daughter’s friends, a care worker, had it but made a swift recovery.

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No one I know personally.

A couple people who are second level (friend of friend) who I know of but don’t know myself. All have recovered.

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My brother in law’s 95 year old mother. She contracted it in the nursing home and passed away a few weeks later.

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I don’t personally know of anyone; however, I do have some concern over one of our jellies who was very busy asking Q’s and hasn’t been active since about mid March which is when most states began their lockdown

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^^ Yes.

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I am worried about her too. She was my inspiration for writing the roll call Q.

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Yes. Several people at work. Most mild, several seriously and left them very unwell even after they recovered. One died.

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You must be a bundle of nerves.
I don’t know what you do. Can you work from home, or are you at risk?

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@Patty_Melt I’m a nurse (with a very recent crash course in ITU nursing -yay) so working from home is out. You just have to be pragmatic about it, practice rigorous hand hygiene and never ever touch your face. Which is harder than you think when you are wearing a face mask so tight fitting it’s leaving pressure sores.

(Also the figures above are colleagues I directly work with only. You do not want to know what the numbers are like if I included patients)

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^I am finding that having a mask on makes me touch my face much more. I don’t wear a N-95, do the surgical masks move around either up in my eyes or under my nose.

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And the results are in! The daughter…..does NOT have Covid-19. Just a cold/flu/whatever.

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@seawulf575 That’s great!

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So happy. I know you must be so relieved.
Have you done the happy dance in the front yard yet?

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I figure she is young and healthy enough anyway to have beaten it, but I know that makes her life a lot easier. @Patty_Melt Happy dance in the front yard? Thought about it, but that would have meant I had to put clothes on….

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The singer Pink had it but is recovering. She said it was some miserable stuff

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In my link, Tony Shaloub announces that he and his wife had a rough time with it, but got through it. I think using his character Monk to address it was pretty cool.

I think this is going to make people at all social levels take a new look their place in life.

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