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What is it with the zombies?

Asked by wundayatta (58545points) January 26th, 2009

People talk about them all the time. They make jokes about them. They ask if you are prepared for the zombie attack. They watch the movies. They even choose that movie to come alive, if a movie could come alive!

What’s the deal? What do zombies mean? Why are they such a powerful image? What is your personal relationship with zombies? ;-)

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I’ve noticed that too. Zombies and bacon seem to be really popular right now. Not at the same time though.

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I do lurve the zombies and the bacon but I have no idea why!

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It’s because zombies are the only exception to the rule “everything’s better with bacon”.

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I watched night of the living dead when i was a kid and it scared the bacon right outta me. The fascination is no different than any other paranormal fascination.. the unexplained is just something people love to explore whether it be ghouls, ghosts, goblins, or zombies

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Devil Duckies are still cool, though a bit dated.

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I always thought zombies were cool in a really demented kind of way but after I saw the movie “The Serpent and the Rainbow”, I had a new outlook and interest in them altogether.

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I just dig Zombies.
They’re just amusing, I couldn’t tell you why.

As mentioned in a previous thread I have a Zombie Survival Duffel Bag. It is awesome.

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Like magic and angels, it’s one more way to cheat death. And bacon is just magical, duh. Did you know if you sprinkle bacon bits, clap your hands and wish really hard you can never grow up??

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Zombie: why not? you get to shoot them in the head and not sin.
Bacon: NoMNOmNOM.. i’m hungry. :-(

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I hate the bacon trend….it makes my true love for bacon seem so much less official :( lol. I LOVE BACON

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It might just be that other people have a personal relationship with bacon, too. They’re just happy they can be out about it now. :^>

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mmmm bacon flavored brains!!! A zombie specialty.

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@uberbatman What about Bacon Cupcakes?

Niman Ranch bacon in maple syrup-sweetened cupcakes,
with maple buttercream, topped with a piece of bacon, of course!

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Who wouldn’t want to wear gear like this?

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its a fad. Like wearing clothes. eventually the fad gets old. and eventually it comes back

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I like bacon.
I do not like zombies. I mean I don’t have anything against them, besides the fact of if they were real they would eat my brain or something.
Zombies are the latest trend, like pirates and ninjas were a few years ago.

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Pirates are never out-of-style. They may be out of fashion at some point, but never out-of-style.

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If there is a movie about zombies or vampires, I’m there! Bacon flavored popcorn anyone?

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Relevant Haiku

Breakfast of the dead
Brains are fine for you maybe
Not bacon zombie.

zombie pigs coming
smart swine gene to be removed
dumb bacon in stores soon

In other news

For pigs, who are highly intelligent, these conditions can lead to stress and aggression.

However, GM scientists are actively investigating ways to remove the stress and aggression gene from animals, effectively turning them into complacent zombies.”

Ahhh. I get it now!

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Wait….Did someone say wearing clothes is a fad???

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They disbanded in 1968. They had two Top 10 hits in the U.S., “She’s Not There,” and “Time of the Season,” both in the mid-60’s. After decades of inactivity, Rod Argent and Colin Blumstone, two of the original Zombies, reunitied tbe band and toured the U.S. in 2007.

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@Nimis SWEEEET i want i want lol

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I’ve always loved Zombie movies and books. Don’t know why, just has always interested me.

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I just made bacon cookies last night. HOLY SHIT theyre sooo yummy :)

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oh, man. I think I can’t even read this one without walking it off now.

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@uberbatman Bacon cookies! As if your avatar wasn’t enough, genius confirmed!

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I once played a zombie in a short movie. Zombies are popular now, and that’s always better than pirates riding unicorns. I might it better if those damn kids in the Harry Potter movies all became zombies.

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Especially if the zombie was riding an ostrich!

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Has everyone seen this?
Run for your lives!

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hahha, you’ve all been like bacon. :)

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Zombies are a very simple concept, and despite that something like this could never actually happen, not that I know of anyway, it makes for a very realistic setting, because it includes scenarios and environments that are familiar with everyday things.
What if your normal life was rendered to a state of complete chaos by the undead? What would you do? I think people like to explore the scenario, as it’s an easy way to explore chaos and complete collapse of that which we know in a way that’s easy to understand even if it doesn’t reflect actual downfall and chaos, and even if it’s all fantasy; and people like that, too.
It’s safe and simple fun. Zombies have managed to rescue the child within.

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