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Is America approaching a "breaking point"? (Article linked).

Asked by Soubresaut (13510points) 1 month ago

An opinion piece titled America at the breaking point popped up in my browser’s recommendation feed, comparing where we were during the social unrest of the 60’s to where we are today.

The author does not mince words about his opinion of the current president. If that’s a touchy subject for you right now, I wanted to give you some forewarning. (If you read the article before reading this, then I guess it’s a post-warning.)

For others, please note that the author isn’t expressing his opinion just for the sake of it (and note that it’s not the only thing discussed in the article!). Please follow that example, and try not to laud or lambast Trump just for the sake of lauding or lambasting him. If you bring him into this discussion, please do so within the context of how his actions may influence the current climate of the US (not simply to express how much you agree or disagree with his behaviors or policies more broadly).

Near the end, the author says, “But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. It would not take much more to truly set the country aflame.” (The rest of the article gives the context for that sentiment).

Do you feel similarly? (Why/why not). What do you hope to happen in the near future?

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No. These are worrisome times, no doubt. But America has had worse – far worse – and has recovered and thrived.

What gives me some hope is that the bad folks are in the minority – a loud minority, a damaging minority, to be sure – but most real Americans see what is going on and are going to ride it out.

And by ‘real Americans’ I don’t mean Trumpies. I mean people who stand for truth, justice, fair play, honesty, democracy…. people with a conscience, people who are not craven and greedy.

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I assume this question was posted before Trump threatened to use the U.S. military against the American people. I think that order would definitely be a breaking point.

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The U.S. Military are necessary to protect the people—whose communities, and livelihood are being destroyed in arson, violence, and death.

Thousands of businesses who were already in distress from Covid shutdowns, have been destroyed by Antifa-type violence. This is not about ‘Trump against the American people.” Its finally using military aid to save our homes, businesses, and communities.

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The President threatens to use the Armed Forces against people exercising their First Amendment rights. Meanwhile, white supremacist agitators have looted stores under cover of left wing protests.

When people complain more about property than about lives, we are in danger.

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I finally made it through the article.

The murder of George Floyd was something that should have brought us all together. Even the most conservative talk show hosts, such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin—were denouncing it in great detail from day one—and Trump immediately expedited a Federal investigation, The Right is as sick of this as the Left,

But instead of coming together, as surely this should have done, we have cities burning and businesses, churches, police precincts destroyed—and people dying trying to protect their businesses. This is not about George Floyd—as we all found it abhorent. It is about creating as much anarchy, mayhem, and national destruction as possible.

Even though organized, Antifa-like violence is organized and well-funded and decimating communities, lives, and polarizing us, the article cited above says this violence is justified and is the fault of Donald Trump (Hell, even the Covid situation is blamed on Trump).

The murder of Michael Floyd should have brought us all together—but instead, anarchy has targeted the President and the American people.

These communities that are currently being destroyed are done. They have no way of coming back.
So, we will never have harmony—but lets put the blame on the looters, arsonists, anarchists— and writers like Ezra Klein (who authored the Vox article you cite)

Thanks for posting,

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Maybe but…

Only if Americans forget that our agreement with the government assumes that WE are better than they are.

THEY are grubby politicians.

WE are virtuous instruments of self interest, working overtime to achieve our dreams.

It should be a source of embarrassment to Americans that they might imagine that the president should be anything more than a temporary executive who signs or vetoes bills, appoints judges, and is the CIC.

He is not A God, or King or Caesar. He is just one more ambitious moron who managed to get elected. As if that is somehow better than our struggle for survival!

George W Bush was an East Coast son of a former President.

Barack Obama checked the box and transferred from Occidental College and went to Harvard.

Donald Trump is a real estate tycoon with an attitude.


Are they better than you?

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No. America will not be broken by a pandemic, staggering unemployment and political turmoil which happens to involve a corrupt, vain and mediocre old man who’s a former TV show host.

Americans may do crazy things like voting for a hotel and casino owner to the WH but whether supportive or not supportive of this former TV show host, they are not stupid that they will literally destroy their own country over such a pitiful old man.

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Maybe. I’m all caught up in my own thoughts about this.

There are factions out there wanting to destroy America, and there are Americans being brainwashed it’s for the good.

I read a post today on Facebook that said “check out the fall of cabal on YouTube and trust the plan.” I didn’t watch the YouTube but I found this: The church of Q they seem to be part of what is leading this.

I believe there are varying “plans” of every type of extremist.

I saw a clip of Trump’s speech to stop the rioting. He mentions antifa, doesn’t mention the WS and encourages people to buy guns. He is disgusting. You all know I never approve of antifa, and the link I provided for you here, my guess is there is crossover with antifa and this Q church, but Trump’s very specific words encourage anarchy also, right wing anarchy. My libertarian friends are Trump supporters and encouraging anarchy themselves.

People are putting out there that it is “business vs. lives” and it is not one or the other. We are an economically linked society. I wish life could be like Star Trek where everyone is safe and provided for, and people are happy and productive, but it’s not like that yet, and it isn’t going to happen now. There will not be a magical transition. I am starting to believe communists are at work. I believe the greed of the wealthy and the support the Republicans give to the wealthy causes a backlash, I have been saying this for years. The lack of integrity in our nation create major political swings in government.

If America truly splinters we will weaken significantly.

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We broke on Nov 8, 2016. However, I’ve seen us broke before & I have faith that the American people will come to their senses & correct the course of things to come!!!

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Yes, I think so.
Every single democracy throughout history, without exception, has only lasted about 200 years before evolving into something else.
So Obama was right: “Change IS coming to America.”

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I’m am concerned that our wealth inequality is getting worse. The top 0.1% now own more than the bottom 90%. The top 1% owns ⅔ of all wealth. That can’t last.
People can be docile and take it for only so long. At some point there will be a revolt. Maybe this is the start.

Stimulus checks don’t help. The wealthy don’t need it and just put it with their other money. The poor spend it on: food (giving it to merchants), housing (giving it to slum lords and land owners), utilities (giving it to power company owned by stockholders). Sure, some might be spent on drugs, fingernails, hair weaves, but the vast majority is going into the pockets of the wealthy.

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@kritiper the ‘Summer of Rage’ is disputed to be 2015 or 2016, and the race riots and looting began in 2013 or whenever Michael Brown and Trayvon Martian were killed.

Even the latest “Summer of Rage”, 2016, preceded Trump.

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@Yellowdog I have absolutely no idea as to what that has to do with my post.

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