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Will Trump have Biden arrested?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30582points) June 2nd, 2020

As a protestor, and as someone who disagrees with Trump’s policies?

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No. Crazy talk.

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Biden isn’t exactly burning and looting, is he?

Last time I checked, he was cowering in his basement, saying Trump should do an investigation of some kind, and training police to shoot in the leg instead of the heart when being attacked by an “unarmed person wielding a knife.”

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He might, because he wants to deflect from his poor leadership.

Yesterday Biden met with Black clergy to worl on a way to address the issues of police killing black people. Meanwhile, Trump was cowering in his bunker scared of non violent protestors. He then used weapons that re not legal in wartime so he could take a picture in front of a church he does not attend and when he could not pray.

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@Yellowdog Wasn’t it trump cowering in the basement? Why yes, yes it was.
^With a Bible that was not his.

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@zenvelo that’s what I worry about. Trump’s playacting and the people who take it seriously.

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Insufficient grounds.
Are you writing the next (tongue-in-cheek) great novel??

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The only arrest Biden is likely to have is of the cardiac variety.

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Don’t be giving him any ideas!!! I haven’t heard anything about Biden protesting, but it wouldn’t surprise me either.

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“cowering in a bunker” is ridiculous to even attempt to throw out there.
Keeping the president safe is a job many people have, and take seriously. When there is a perceived risk, he is expected to take the recommended measures to remain safe, duh. While he is out there meeting with local government, manufacturers, medical advisors, financial venues, reporters and more, it was Biden cowering in a basement for weeks. Trump has been busy, and anyone can see that. Biden didn’t emerge until memorial day.
So far as having Biden arrested, he doesn’t need to. He brought attention to Biden’s activities, made it known to voters. If you still want to vote for the old pig, we know you support the activities of aggressive criminals who hide amongst mourning citizens to commit their offenses. Chicken shit man financially supporting chicken shit criminals.
POTUS has vowed to protect citizens who are mourning, protesting, seeking justice from those aggressors. Media has tried to change his message by hacking away at his speech to make it sound heartless, but the whole speech is out there to be viewed by people who really care about the truth.
Troll question, but here is an answer anyway.

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He doesn’t have that authority.

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@Darth_Algar ‘not having authority’ doesn’t seem to have stopped him, plenty of times over the last three years.

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Fortunately it has, actually. This is a typical pattern for him. He makes some bold pronouncement evoking powers he doesn’t actually have, his cult cheers, his advisors inform him that he doesn’t actually have that power, he moves on to the next jackass thing without missing a beat.

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Hey may not have that authority, but he has plenty of sycophantic minions that do.
Example: Fat Slob Barr dropping the case against Flynn (who, just as a reminder, confessed twice).

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Interesting question. For protesting or disagreeing with Trump? No. But if it comes out that he was involved in illegal activities involving the Russia probe or extortion in Ukraine…he might need to be arrested. And at that point, claiming it is political action is just crap.

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Making stuff up again, like your BOY friend Golden pooch.
Just your opinions.

NO Links!

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@JLeslie No. Crazy talk.

And that rules it out from this administration?

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@filmfann Valid point, but I still think that won’t happen. I have been wrong before.

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Does anyone else wonder how many times a damn day someone in his administration has to stop him from doing something completely illegal?

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Clearly the likelihood runs much more in the direction of whether or not BIDEN will have TRUMP arrested. In fact, that’s worthy of a question HERE.

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