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Can I find technology/tech busines to create ebook from book?

Asked by si3tech (7083points) 1 month ago

I’m trying to find tech firm which can turn an out of print book into an ebook. Anyone have knwledge regarding this?

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Permissions (copyright) will be the sticking point, if you’re going to do it legally and use it in a classroom.

The publisher needs to give you the right to copy/convert the book. The mechanical stuff is easy.

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Try this website.
They have 60,000 books and don’t require an app, just your browser.

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IF you live in the US, check with your local library. Not every book they have has been converted to an ebook, but many have. My local library works with my kindle. The only catch is that you only have 30 days to read it or it’s turned off.

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I’m interested in ONE specific book. Low vision here. Read with Kindle. It is a Bridge playing book printed mid 19th century. With copyright. Never produced in large print or ebook. Spoke with copier about enlarging type. Said they can’t. Is there such a business that can enlarge type or better yet convert to ebook LEGALLY? For my own personal use to be able to read it. I’ve bought many ebooks. Live in USA.

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Your average business won’t do it because they will get hung up on copyright.

What you need to do is find someone with a flatbed scanner. (or buy one yourself). Then scan the book and save it as a PDF file.

No one will ever know. Technically illegal, but….

(I have such a scanner and have scanned articles)

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I emailed The book written 1930s. I asked if copyright was still valid. With the pandemic their office is closed but they said they’ll get back to me. 4 or 5 days or so. Thanks too all who took the time to respond to my question. I’ll keep on trying.

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After you find out about the copyright there is a way to scan into a pdf file where you can then add it to your Kindle books & ultimately read it on your Kindle. Amazon can tell you how to add the pdf to your Kindle. You might need to do some reading on how to scan the book into a pdf file though. I don’t remember where I found out how to add the pdf file (but remember it was on Amazon probably in their help section) & the pdf’s that I used were already in that format.

Good luck!!!

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