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What's the best way to reheat French fries?

Asked by janbb (59209points) June 7th, 2020

I never had this problem before but I got a huge helping of FFs last night and for once, couldn’t eat them all. I’ve always been leery of reheating FFs for taste reasons, but I’d like to try with these.


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Air fryer, hot oven on racks (used for cooling cookies) in a cookie sheet or frying pan with a lid !
Frying pan you may have stir and turn them over, best is air fryer

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Don’t have an air fryer but can try one of the other methods.

If you do a frying pan with a lid, do you put any oil in it?

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No oil but second choice of hot oven and wire rack has been use by me for same reason half gallon of fries or onion rings !

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I tend not to reheat them as fries, I cut them up and sauté them lightly with some onion and/or garlic, then Put a fried egg on top.

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I have never successfully (and taste-fully) been able to reheat them. They just don’t get the crispness back.

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I agree with the hot oven method (400 degree) with the fries loosely distributed on a cookie sheet. Preheat the oven.

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They won’t be great reheated, but I put them in a toaster oven usually.

If you cover them up in cheese and bacon pieces like a potato skin it will taste better, I do that for my husband sometimes.

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I think the mistake people make in trying to reheat french fries is in thinking you can throw them in a cold oven and turn the oven on.

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Update: I did them in the oven at 400 and they came out pretty well.

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It puzzles me that people who would never attempt to crisp potato chips or slices by starting them in a pot of cold oil would fail to understand that the remedy must be high heat for a short period.

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Glad they turned out OK, @janbb!

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Toaster oven

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