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How often do you go to the barber's?

Asked by Joyforjoy (88points) 1 week ago

I seem to seldom go to the barber’s. I trim my bangs at home when Necessary, but recently I decided to go to the barber’s. I wonder how often you go to the barber shop.

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I haven’t had anyone besides me cut my hair since the 90’s.

I stopped going when I got a cut at Supercuts, and was able to improve on it when I got home.

I now cut it about once every 3 or 4 weeks.

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Normally once a month. I keep my hair fairly short. Now it has been three months since I last had a haircut, the longest I’ve gone since middle school.

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About once or twice a year.

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Never, I shave my bonce.

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I go about once every 6 weeks.

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I’ve been cutting my own hair since 1977.

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Every six weeks or so.

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I get my hair cut every 2 months.

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I get mine cut every 6 to 8 weeks. IF it grows really fast, I might go in 4 weeks, but 6–8 is my normal routine!!! I do trim around my face during that 6–8 week period to be able to push the hair cut out as far as possible. I think it was 10 weeks during the lock down, but I had her cur it extra short just before going into self isolation.

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When my hair gets itchy, and hard to sleep in. Usually once every 2 months.

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The barber shops are still closed. We borrowed my son’s clippers & the wife went to town. She sheared enough wool from my head for a suit of clothes.

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