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If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be?

Asked by Patty_Melt (16638points) July 12th, 2020

Any animal, past or present, it is legal. Cloning has been perfected, and they can even do most prehistoric animals.
The only restriction is, for viruses very large animals you are required to obtain a license to prove you have the necessary facilities to give it a good life.
My choices would include:

A few cats, even a pair of sabors.

Some sugar gliders

A herd of camels

Some red pandas

A couple of horses
Some wallabies outdoors only

Some little jackass penguins

A couple of microraptors

Some little brown fruit bats

Two or three white peacocks

A huge pond of varied depths, stocked with good eats, but also some spoonbill, and some other cool species to see if scuba diving. Maybe an elevator running down a viewing window.

So, what does your list include? Or maybe you are happy with just one?

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I adore Oscar & so will place my hands over his ears as I type…does that even work?

Otters, I would love some.
Also an Tiger :D

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A pygmy unicorn.

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Meerkats and baby pandas

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Oh oh! I want what @janbb has!

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^^ You can come play with us.

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^^^ and one of those!

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If I believed in keeping wild animals, which I don’t, I’d adore being friends with a black panther. Or a mottled micro pig, more realistically.

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Two elephants. You can’t have one because they need companionship. Mahout has always been my dream job.

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A sloth and a coupla koalas.

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Oh! How could I have forgotten sloth? One for me, please.

I too chose animals by individuals, pairs, or groups according to their social needs.

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Sea Otter

They are adorable and a half.

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@Mama answered exactly how I was going to. My internet sister. :)

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I love horses but I think a goat would be more practical.

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A cat. Luckily I already have one.

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I just wish, I had my Wanda back… She was a sweet Pit bull, who just liked sleeping, at my feet….

I need her now, more than ever.
But. She, is gone…

I enjoyed her presence, for 15 years. She, was like a daughter, to me…

My cat, Bob, died, only a month, or so, after Wanda….

So…. Now. I am truly alone…

Other pets, would be great. But. I just want my original pets back…

It’s hard to believe that I loved them, SO much…

Maybe, I am stupid…

That would explain, a LOT.

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@MrGrimm Loving animals is never stupid.

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Grimmy, if you decide to get another pet, consider the life expectancy of various species. Dogs usually top out around a decade to fifteen years. Parrots can live eighty years and up. Hamsters last only about two years.
You might think that you want a pet that lasts a long time, so you won’t be sad over its loss. You might want to do just the opposite.
My mantids live only a few months. A truly hardy one might make a year. I hatch them, and watch these little babies grow. Some get eaten by siblings. Right now I have one a bit more than two inches long. It is antisocial, but it stays in the same one window eating whatever happens to fly nearby. It is a south facing window, so pretty much any bug entering my home flies there at some point for the sun advantage.
My bug is not always hiding. I had it sitting on my arm last week. I never make it feel trapped. Once I had it on my hand, it was free to roam.
Anyway, I get to enjoy watching their progress. As they grow, they exhibit different “personalities”. Some are more timid, some get lonely, and their ways to catch prey vary.
You have a short lived pet which is entertaining, low maintenance, inexpensive. When they are gone, you can get more. It soon becomes easy to go from one generation to another without the deep emotional loss.
I have my big one, because I started it early, before season. I wanted to see if I could grow one big and aggressive enough to take on a mouse.
I have a fresh batch only a couple of weeks old. I hope to get a couple of females mated so with luck I won’t have to buy any next year.
You might consider a pet of this kind. I’m not believing a short life pet will take the place of the pets you loved, but it does provide a place to direct your attention for at least a few minutes each day.

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@Patty_Melt Wow, that’s a pretty cool pet! They are fascinating!

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