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Why did you choose the particular breed of dog that you own?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6824points) April 19th, 2009

Or did you even choose it specifically?

I chose bullmastiffs because they are large enough to scare away people and protect us from those they don’t scare, but they’re also “lazy” enough that they are good indoor pets.

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Oh and they are also the most affectionate creatures on Earth!

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We got a corgi mix because they are smart, easy to train, loyal, friendly, affectionate, small, don’t shed much, fit in with families, etc.

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We chose a beagle because they are supposed to be such great family dogs and so smart. Turns out, the one we picked was about the stupidest dog I ever met, she ate trash, refused to shit outside and howled all the time. I loved her, but she was dumb. Then she tried to bite a neighbor kid so she got hauled out to live on my husband’s uncle’s farm. I think she’s happier, cuz she can howl all she wants and no one cares.

My sis has a bullmastiff named Portia. She’s a sweet dog, but she gets really hyper when someone walks in cuz she is happy to see them. She’s knocked me over several times, when a 110lb. dog gets excited you better be able to get outta the way quick!

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@knitfroggy If your sister asserts her dominance over Portia daily and corrects that behavior, she will not knock you over anymore. My dogs have to sit and be in a calm state before I will even let them walk into the house or open the door for a visitor.

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I chose her without having any idea what breed she was because when I went to the pound the choices were as follows:

- 1,000,000 snarling pitbull puppies

- her.

She is a tall, strong, curly-tailed, gold-and-white, thick-furred, brave, honest (mostly),
good-humored, intelligent, English-understanding, affectionate, athletic, raccoon-killing, black-masked mostly-Akita. I recommend this “breed” very highly.

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@susanc Props to you for adopting! But “snarling pitbull puppies”? I’ve never seen anything but a friendly, tail-wagging pitbull puppy. But I get your point! Let the 1,000,000 puppies you saw in the shelter be a reminder to all to spay your pet!

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I didn’t choose my dog, he chose me. He left his home time after time and came to my house, until the owners got a dog who liked staying home, and they let me keep him.

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I was watching Disney’s The Lady and the Tramp and went for a cocker spaniel. It was mine before I discovered that this breed is one of the loudest, hyperactive, and uncontrollable out there! But I love my dog anyways!

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I choose my dogs based on intelligence, not necessarily easily trained, but real intelligence. Therefore I chose akitas. I also have had and loved bouviers. At the moment I have an aging akita and a half dingo/heeler/kelpie/??? who is so smart it is almost scary, she absolutely thinks, sometimes faster than I do!

@May2689, next time try an English Cocker Spaniel, not as much coat and a lot more stable mentally (well at least the blue roans are, the solids can be a little flako!)

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Growing up, we had a beagle. I’m not sure why my parents picked a beagle, but he was the best family dog ever. My husband had a beagle when we first started dating. He was a great dog as well, we don’t have him anymore though :(
Before I dated my husband, I got a Miniature Pinscher. I made a list of dogs, did a lot of research, and felt he would be a great fit with me. He was, but he wasn
t a great fit for living in an apartment complex…he barked at every.single.noise. People complained and we had to get rid of him. Luckily, my parents wanted him, and he is their third child…I think they treat him better than they did me and my brother! haha
There was a lot I didn’t know though. Min pins have a lot of intestinal issues, and I hit the motherload. He had colitis, needed me to cook him a bland diet, bloody diarrhea ALL the time. It was rough. But, we weren’t just going to get rid of him because he was sick.

My husband wants to keep getting beagles. Or go to the pound, we’re not sure though. I want to wait til all our child (when we have more) are old enough.)

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She needed a home. I saw it posted on a billboard. I didn’t even know what type of dog she was. Turns out she’s a blue heeler and smart as all get out. I couldn’t have picked a better dog if I tried.

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Rescued our dog and I recommend to anyone to get their dog from a shelter as well. We chose an active dog because we like to hike, run, camp.

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I didn’t want a Jack Russell (I originally wanted a Spaniel of some sort) until I saw Bella. Now I wouldn’t be without her and I would happily have more Jack Russells!

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I bought Prince from a family who had posted a sign in a pet shop. Their daughter ahd sleep apnea and they had to get rid of him. He was 10 months old, a beautiful red-coated Cocker spaniel and had a very gentle disposition (unlike many cockers you read about.) I had him for 14 years and he was a great family member, even though he was on the dumb side. I still miss him very much. I would get another cocker but only if I tell the disposition before committing. I would also have to look into hypo-allergenic dogs, however, because a number of family members have allergies.

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On vacation in Telluride, a welsh terrier followed my family around the whole time . He even slept outside my condo door . He had no tags, and I

wanted to take him home, but
didn’t . Telluride is very dog
friendly . We saw several dogs
roaming around the town
freely. When we got home, we
researched the breed and
searched for a breeder. We
found one about two hours
away. We called and she had
puppies who were ready to
sell. We went and picked out
Winston, or I should say he
picked us. He will be three this
year. He is a part of our
family, and we love him dearly.
All of our friends would love to have him.

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I probably should have mentioned that our dog is half corgi (he looks corgi) and half blue healer (another breed I like for many of the same reasons).

We almost got a pug/lab mix, which I probably would have liked too. I really like pug personalities, but I think that they are an unfortunate breed healthwise. I am a big fan of labs as well.

We didn’t just choose him though, he also chose us. We tried out a lot of dogs and none seemed to be the right fit. Our dog came over to me and climbed in my lap the first time we were with him.

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I haven’t really chosen any of my dogs, they just kinda happend. My miniature schnauzer, was picked by an ex but I took care of him so he bonded to me and I got him it ended, but I love the fact that he is low shed, highly protective of me and sounds bigger than he is, which was great when I lived alone. My other 2 dogs were picked because they needed a home, one is a mix the other is a white german shepherd.

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I chose my ex-dog (my ex got him, I got the stupid cat who hated me and ran away) at the Dumb Friends League (Denver’s biggest pound), when those little eyes met mine and I decided we were soul mates. We didn’t want anything too big or too small or too hairy, our North American Brown Dog was perfect. We weren’t even looking for a puppy, but as soon as I saw Bradley I knew he had to be mine.

I miss him.

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I adopt homeless, regardless of breed.

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I got a Chinese Crested because I think they look so cool. I wanted a dog that not many people have. I love all dogs but I really had my heart set on a hairless.
Most people think she is ugly and weird. They say she looks like a gremlin. This breed always wins the Worlds Ugliest Dog contest. I think she is absolutely beautiful and I love her so much.
My family usually gets shelter mutts because they are so loving and deserving of a better life. I felt guilty getting my dog from a breeder but there are no chance of getting a crested at the pound. Also it’s not her fault she was born at a breeders, she deserves a good home too.

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I got a puppy right out of college, and we never really knew what she was. I’d seen an ad in the paper for mystery puppies, and went to take a look at them. The lady selling the puppies took in a lot of strays, had them spayed or nuetered, and either kept them or placed them in homes. She’d taken in a basset hound that turned out to be already pregnant. The puppies were little black or brown balls of fur, and I really had no idea what mine would look like when she grew up. She ended up looking like a black lab with really short legs! She was a great dog with a wonderful personality—smart and friendly. We had her until last year, when her system just started failing from old age.

We miss her, but aren’t ready for another dog yet. I want to get a doberman in a few years, and know someone who breeds them. They have two breeding pairs that are family pets and the puppies are raised in the house with lots of interaction. And they just look so bad ass—I want to get one before our daugther starts dating. ;)

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I chose a big strong, but cute American bull-dog mix. he’ll cuddle when you want to cuddle, he’ll play when you want to play, and he’ll always protect us!! He’s cute and playful (but some people think he’s scary until they meet him. most say he looks like a pit bull but he’s not.)

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No we didn’t choose. Choosing costs a bit of money as purebreds and even some mixed breeds are quite expensive. We rescued our dog. In all honesty I’m one of “those people” who believe no one should pay for a cat or dog (aside from a small fee at the local animal shelter). I strongly believe in rescuing and adopting pets. Most of these are mixed breeds. Of course I suppose you could choose which type of dog you rescue. But we didn’t.

We love our dog. She is collie and aussie.

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@RedPowerLady Our dog is a rescued dog too. My daughter was about 3 1/2. We were driving around one Saturday afternoon, and she said, “Can we go to the doggy store?” We had discussed the prospect as a family and had agreed we would do this at some time, so there was no time like the present.

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@Yetanotheruser That is a good story! Put a big smile on my face :)

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We got a small dog because they live longer and I have small children. We got a mix dog because they have less health problems (generally) than purebreds.

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‘Cause they were free! One is a pure bred white German Shepherd, Dakota, whose original owner wanted to get rid of because she refused to become a vicious guard dog. The other one is an Australian/Brittney spaniel mix. I saw the puppies advertised in the paper and was intrigued by the mix….so we got Dakota a puppy. Those two are inseparable!!

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@Dutchess12 An Australian Brittany mix must keep you on your toes. My son has a Brittany and he’s a smart as a whip, (the dog, that is, but my son is pretty smart too)!

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@janbb Yeah, she’s a squirrel, for sure! But Dakota is so calm that she has a huge influence on Dutchess (the dog). The only bad thing she does is bark and yell at people when they go by—for which she gets time out in the bathroom…so she’s learning.


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@Dutchess12 Oh cute! I can definitely see the Brittany in her.

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@Dutchess12 That is so funny the way the small one is always draped over the shepherd! Is it a dominance thing or like a pup on its mom?

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@rooeytoo :) More like a pup to her Mom… came about because she was born into a litter of 12. In January. Outside. The puppies just laid all over each other to keep warm. When she came here, she just started laying on Dakota. She was tiny when she started…not so tiny now! And trust me…Dakota is the dominate one! She lets Dutchess think she’s the dominate one (she’ll lay down and just let Dutchess chomp on her and stuff) but when push comes to shove…oh boy! Like, once Dutchess stood up and put her paws on Rick’s leg. Rick pushed her away, telling her to get down. Well when he pushed her she stayed up on her hind legs and walked backwards, which made us laugh. Which Dutchess took to mean, “Let’s do it again!” So she put her paws on Rick again. Rick said, “Dutchess! GIT DOWN” much more impatiently…Dakota stood up, walked up to Dutchess and slapped her down, HARD with her paw! Poor dog hit that deck, BOOM!!! And Dakota kept her pinned for a minute. Then she let Dutchess get up, and you could just see Dutchess going, “Hey! No fair! You sucker punched me—but I’m ready for you now!” and she jumped at Dakota—BOOM!!! Dakota slapped her down, HARD, again!! It was too funny. Dutchess came up going….“Well, you know what I can still do way better than you??? I can RUN!!!” and she took off, tearing around the yard like she was possessed. Dakota, I swear, just stood there laughing at her!

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I love the way dogs determine their pecking order, if only people could be so sensible! Thanks for sharing the pics.

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I got my Doberman’s because they are very loyal, I got them as puppies and had them socialized right away!
I wanted a dog that would guard when anyone comes into our yard they bark & can sound scary. But once the guest or visitor comes in the home they are calm and your typical large lap dog.
Doberman’s are known as leaners because they will lean on you if you are near them for lots of scratching & love! My dogs are the best and I don’t care what they look like, they are not aggressive at all.
I have very small children & my dogs let my 3 yr old son climb on them and they nap on the couch together! My dogs watch out for the entire family. Couldn’t be happier with my decision to get a Doberman! my dogs ears are natural & they have docked tails…
the cropped ears (cut & taped) make them look scary – my opinion

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@05doberman I was raised with dobermans and adore them!

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@05doberman @RedPowerLady I was also raised with a doberman, it was the most well behaved and gentle dog. My brothers and I climbed over her and she never once growled. If we were in the yard and a stranger came anywhere near, she went crazy. She was very protective of us. Great breed :)

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