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How much exercise do you get in each day?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10719points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

On average, how much exercise? What do you do?

Started yoga again. I still hate it. I walk for about 45 minutes and lift light weights. I probably should be doing more. I would like to start running again.

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In this heat and humidity, practically none. I definately need to do some morning jogs or walks but it’s sooo sticky, I’m just not eating much.

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I don’t do any regularly scheduled exercise. But, I get a lot of exercise taking care of the things around the property.
I usually wake up on my own at 5 – 5:30 and walk out to the pond. I change filter bags. A full bag of dirty water is about 25 pounds. I pour that onto the ground plants and hanging baskets. I wash out the skimmer and clean its filters., trim the water plants, clean up any animal damage. The whole process takes about an hour. I am moving and lifting things the entire time. I then go back inside and either take a shower or eat breakfast.
Later I’ll head back out and check on things again to feed the fish, check water level, add flocculent, prune branches, etc. Another hour is gone in the blink of an eye. Again, I am moving the entire time.
So I figure I’m getting exercise by doing. Not everyone is so fortunate.

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Weights 6X week, some form of aerobic, usually treadmill but it could be swimming,biking or walking outdoors 6X week .
I don’t love yoga but it has its benefits. I stopped that awhile back and haven’t felt guilty enough to start practicing again.
Corpse pose though? Done!:D

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I try & run every day, usually around 40 miles a week.
Distances range from 4 all the way up to 14 miles.
Standard push ups/sit ups & dumbell training & job’s a good un!

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About an hour per day.
Can’t really run anymore.

Bike, weights, swimming, rower, MMA.
Got talked into yoga by GF. It’s OK I guess. Not sure where it’s going. She likes it though.

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Whatever, whenever. Yesterday and today the weather has been great, so bunches of yard work. Everyday lots of stairs, just in the normal course of the day. Walk8ng the dog when it’s not too hot or humid.

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Two hours a day, but only gentle walking. A bike ride in addition probably about once a week. Sometimes (rarely now) ball games with friends. If I didn’t have a dog, I would be pretty sedentary.

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