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Since the Washington Redskins are changing their name, finally, can you suggest some clever new options?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28286points) 3 weeks ago

Washington Blatherers?

Washington Hopefuls?

Washington Loser Politicians?

Washington Skinreds?

Washington Whales?

What are some potential names for the Washington football team?

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Washington pink skins.

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Washington Peckerwoods.

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I heard “red tails” this morning and I don’t like it. It represents the Black Tuskegee airman who flew in WWII, and I love the history, and I love the idea of acknowledging them, but I just don’t really like the name. I picture people painting their asses red and a whole possible mess with it.

A few friends on my facebook newsfeed floated Warriors, but I am pretty sure my Jr. High in the Washington area of all places, got rid of the Indian mascot and Warrior years ago, because of the very same objections going on regarding the Redskins.

I have no idea. Washington Cherry Blossoms? I am trying to think of something very DC Metro area.

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@Darth_Algar Think they’d end up in court Fayetteville Woodpeckers ! – - – ;>0)

How about Washington Monuments ?

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How about the Washington Red Oaks. It’s their official tree and they can keep the color red on their jerseys.

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@JLeslie “I have no idea. Washington Cherry Blossoms? I am trying to think of something very DC Metro area.”

D.C. United, the Washington area soccer (the real football, since it’s actually played with the feet) club floated the cherry blossom theme awhile back as an idea for remaking the club’s brand image. It was deemed “too girly”. Can’t imagine that throwball fans would be into it.

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@Darth_Algar I realized how girly it was when I wrote it. I didn’t mean it to be taken seriously, it does not really carry an idea of fighting for a win. I didn’t know a soccer team thought about it.

Capitals is already taken by the hockey team. Nationals taken by baseball.

Washington Diamonds. I guess that is girly too, and also maybe sounds like baseball, but DC is a diamond.

I was wondering if they could get approval from the Native tribe in that area? Maybe that is a terrible idea. I looked it up and the Nacotchtank of the Algoquin people have history there. I thought Washington Tanks reading about the tribe, but then all we need is some sort of reference that could be turned into a military thing, not sure if that is a good idea. Plus, Naco is slang and derogatory.

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Washington Muskets
Washington Sabers
Washington Avengers ( Make Marvel happy? )

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The Washington Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy? (or Washington CTE?)

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@mazingerz88 I like Avengers, I wonder if they can use it?

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^^Can’t think of any legal issue why they can’t.

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How about Washington Bulls, since they are near Bull Run. And that’s what comes out of the White House.

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Washington Spartans
Washington Hunters
Washington Generals
Washington Artillery ( lol )

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Washington Werewolves.

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Names that glorify ferocity, vengeance, military conflict, mortal enmity? Why? I don’t even see why it has to be clever. Call for clever and the first thing people want to do is make a pun.

I think Red Sox is a perfect team name.

If it were up to me, I’d probably pick something like the Washington Washers. So you know they’re not going to ask me.

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The Washington Not-Really-A-Staters

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A cherry blossom theme could work, depending on the particular design. The Portland Thorns, a club in the National Women’s Soccer League, debuted a new kit this year with a rose motif (playing on Portland’s “city of roses” nickname). It’s actually pretty great looking without being particularly feminine.

But, sadly, many men have a strange aversion to anything “girly”, like roses (unless it’s associated with washed-up 70’s/80’s cock rock bands) or cherry blossoms.

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@Darth_Algar: Washington Stone Roses.

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Washington Statesmen
Washington Diplomats
Washington Peacemakers
Washington Explorers
Washington Navigators
Washington Captains
Washington Historians
Washington Tractors
Washington Woodsmen
Washington Mercuries
Washington Atlanteans
Washington Monuments ( lol )

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Washington Georgettes

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I feel like it would be nice if it is something with a fun mascot.

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Washington Blue Crabs. ^^^^^

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@Tropical_Willie Why blue crabs? Maryland is for Crabs actually.

I think DC’s motto is about justice. I don’t remember if there were other slogans and mottos. Virginia is for Lovers, unless that has changed. Often states have several mottos and slogans over the years. I haven’t lived in the DC area in a long time.

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Blue crabs all over the region. I know about Maryland right next Washington DC.

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Washington Hypocrites

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^^^ Well, well. I’ve been wondering IF you were still with us!!!

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Beltway Bandits.

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The “trumpettes”

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My husband just told me about the Navajo Nation suggesting a name. This is along the lines of what I was suggesting above. I like it.

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Washington Thunderbolts.

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Washington Alligators, since DC is often characterized as a swamp.

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Washington Traffic Jams

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I heard the ‘Washington Foreskins’ To commemorate the dick heads in Washington. I think it fits.

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Or Washington Beltways, I’ve spent hours not moving !

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Just read in the Washington Post that a trademark owner is offering a few names he owns for free to the Redskins….Washington Americans, Washington Veterans and….just like I mentioned…Washington Monuments.

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@lucillelucillelucille One time it 3 hours to move a half mile. two four lanes roads going into a three lane and an accident and construction. Still had two hundred and sixty miles to go.
Also traveling North on I 495; was stopped no movement for 1 and a half. There had been an accident with fatality in Maryland twenty miles up the road.

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I suggested Beltways somewhere, I guess it was on Facebook. That really is DC.

I try to never complain when traffic is at a dead stop. It’s almost always a need for airlift or a death. Although, an hour and a half is excessive to be completely stopped? It’s usually not that long, maybe 30 minutes. DC traffic is unbelievable.

A friend recommended Black Bears, because of the nearby Appalachian Mountains, but I don’t really associate that with DC. It could work though.

I saw another article that said Red Tails is high in the runnning.

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Washington Generals.

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So, is it referred to as The Washington Football Team football team?

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Yupper for this season anyway.

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