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"When I'm reading a book, I always have..." --what?

Asked by Jeruba (51895points) July 15th, 2020

•  a glass of wine at your elbow?

•  a dictionary close by?

•  a hard time with the small print?

•  headphones on and music playing?

When I’m reading a book, I always have a pencil in my hand. It’s not one way with me. It’s a dialogue.

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I’ll usually have a cup of tea or a glass of Diet Coke or water on the table nearby.

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It depends on the book but usually tea/water, a notepad or a cat.

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No distractions. If I have a book in my hand, everyone knows I’m tuned out.

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Only the book is a constant, the rest is subject to change without notice.

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… a light behind, a pillow under my neck, and a bed mattress beneath me. Sometimes I will place a pillow on my stomach and use it to elevate the book so I don’t have to crane my neck so much.
I enjoy falling asleep while reading.

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I used to always read with a small paperback dictionary. I replaced it once the first copy fell apart (some time in high school). But didn’t replace it after it fell apart the second time (some time in college).

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A good source of light, solitude, and my phone in case I need to look something up (but I have to try to not let my phone be a distraction).

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@raum and @Demosthenes, that is one feature I like about my ereader, it has a built in dictionary.

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That was before smart phones and ereaders. Which ereader do you use?

Oh, I forgot. Also used to have a pencil to accompany the dictionary. My older sister taught me to put a little dot next to each word I looked up. That helped me keep track of which words were not sticking for some reason.

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Nothing. I would use my phone for vocabulary, but I wouldn’t think to have it nearby ahead of time.

I like to read reclined with my feet up.

I’m not much of a reader though.

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I did something like that, too. I’d mark page and line and write the word in the back.

I’ve been using a nook for the past 10 years, I hated it for six months, but now I prefer it to paper. Especially the part where I can embiggen the font when my eyes are tired.

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The word embiggen always makes me laugh. :P

I have a Kindle. But not sure if I will be able to stick to it for six months. Still in the “hating it” phase.

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It used to be “I always have a red cocker spaniel lying at the foot of my chair.” But it’s been many years since my Prince has left me.

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@raum Me, too. Sounds so peculiar!

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It’s from The Simpsons. :P

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A cup of freshly brewed morning coffee.
No distractions, TV off, radio off, computer off, cellphone silent.
I have four books on the go:
1) The Room Where it Happened. ( Very dry and all about Politics of the last few years).

2) The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump:27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.

3) Norse Mythology.

4)The Classic Bestseller Mythology (Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes.

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If it’s at night, a cup of tea and tea biscuits, at my desk. If noonish or so, sitting outside, with an ice coffee, in the sun.

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When I’m reading on my Kindle Paperwhite, I have a paper notebook and a pencil on hand. The Kindle is a good choice for weighty tomes as well as for reading-to-go. I can highlight the text on the device, but I prefer to keep my notes together in a reading journal.

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