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How can these 2 addresses be the same?

Asked by Glad2bhear (173points) July 18th, 2020

My wife ordered a mask from an individual and when it got here she was suspicious as to who the seller was. When we looked up the address [on more than one map app] it turned out to be located in two places.

I can’t really explain this – you’d have to look it up yourselves – 508 and 1613 Ash Street in Grande Prairie Texas.

How can this be between 15th & 16th Streets when the given address was 508 Ash? I’ve never seen anything like this. Is this some kind of technical glitch people use to hide their identities or something?

Any helpful response will be appreciated – thanks in advance.

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One thing about map databases such as Google Maps, is that they tend to rely on user-entered data for many things.

They also have errors in them.

Some staff and programs try to review changes to some data, but sometimes that just preserves errors. I know a business which moved last year, that is still periodically trying to update Google Maps to have its new address, and has not been succeeding.

And the way their data is organized does not tend to have many if any logical constraints such as you mention about street number logic corresponding to cross-streets. (And by the way, there are places where the address numbers on some streets do not go in reliably ascending order.)

Sometimes some postal areas reorganize their addresses, too.

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I mapped them, they are a block apart. I think you are right that the 508 is likely wrong since it’s between 15th and 16th street, unless that city isn’t numbered that way.

The GPS system is imperfect. The data is entered by human beings.

My house in TN was 2 blocks away on GPS initially. It was fixed after a few years.

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They can’t be the same. There are over 1000 houses between them.

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Originally, google maps used an algorithm to name houses and address when the numbers were not clear.
My son contacted a friend of his and had them readjust Google maps so it was perfect for my address. Oh well.

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