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What happened on your best day?

Asked by shilolo (18038points) September 4th, 2008

I was recently listening to Ice Cube’s Today Was a Good Day and was inspired to think, what happened on my “best day”? I know that that a lot of people will say “I got married” or “My child was born”, but I’m not looking for a single event. Mostly, I want to know what are the characteristics that make a day awesome!

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I met Obama and Biden on Saturday.
That was a damn good day.

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I lost my virginity.

Dare I post details?

September 4, 2008, 6:12 PM EDT

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I had two classes off and just did the “student” thing at UW Madison campus, perfect transition to fall leaves, 70°, on the terrace, ladies sunning, up and down state street, new tapes. Absolute peace.

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Great weather. For me this is about 74°F, a slight, cool breeze, sunny, with puffy white clouds. Basically the weather on any spring/summer day in Santa Monica, CA. The wife and I. No time constraints. Money enough for a great meal and some harmless impulse shopping. A night in a hotel or bed and breakfast, and some nookie. (It would be perfect if my cats could be at the hotel with us. I miss them when I am away. It’s like I need them to relax and wind down from the day.)

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Great days for me are usually made up of the small things. Recently, though, I got to see the inside of the Wanamaker Organ including being inside the string section of pipes during a concert and have a party with a group of old friends from years ago. It was a pretty special day.

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When i realized i was in love with this guy, after he held me while i was completely exposed yet i felt completely comfortable with him. Then the lady at Starbucks made my smoothie perfectly.

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New York City, No work, Sun, Company of good friends, Only $5 to spend.

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spontaneity is what does it for me. not having to go to work is great. also, sex always makes any day fun!

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I married my husband.

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Going to pick up a couch we bought…because my husband will never pay for delivery. The kids were with us and my son started laughing, before we knew it, we were all in tears laughing. He has the best laugh, the kind you have when you are a kid and not afraid of your emotions. It was warm, not too hot so we decided to hang out in the backyard after we got the couch inside the house.

We wound up play tag and cooking out. There was a lot of laughing and a lot of playing. Wonderful day.

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I asked my (future) husband to marry me. =)

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Still waiting for it, Shi. Got a feeling the best is yet to come.

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Exhilaration. Pride. Satisfaction. Adrenaline. Loved ones. Loved place. Loved activity.
These are the ingredients that made one of my best days.
Lake Barrington International Rowing Course, Head of the River, u16 School Girls’ Eight, a length and a half in front of the rest of the field. 8 months of hard work paying off.
The other one of my best days,
Excitement. Excitement. Loved one. Loved band. Loved atmosphere. Excitement.
Iron Maiden on their Somewhere In Time Tour. I love live music, and I was with my best friend seeing my favourite band ever who I never expected to come to Australia any time soon. I was so excited I could have peed my pants. Lucky I didn’t, that could have been awkward… I did leave marks on my friends arm though, from squeezing so hard with my nails.

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I got into Med School.

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I had had the crappiest week… everyone had forgotten it was my birthday it was midterms at school and my mom kicked me out. A few days later after moving into a new apt. my best friend and new roommate (the sweetest guys I know) had me “kidnapped” after calss and blindfolded. when the blindfold came off I was in a gazeebo surrounded by a few of my closest friends the lights came on and my 2 guy friends started playing Hear you Me by Jimmy Eat World. (my fav song) The night was perfect. there was a light drizzle but the air was just perfect. it was the perfect ending to such a crappy week.

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Lucky me. I had a lot of best days. One of them was getting the permission to leave the Soviet Union for good. February 8, 1981, a very-very best day!

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@ nina – congrats!!!!

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