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In your opinion what would be a safe way to hold the up coming Federal election?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18891points) 1 week ago

Maybe hold it over the course of several days, so polling stations don’t get so crowded?
What is your idea?

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I know maybe drive through polling stations?

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Vote by mail. Which is an option.

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By mail is much better than hanging chads.

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Just like reopening schools, go in person with sanitizing stations and masks. If we can go to Walmart, we can vote.

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Fund the Post Office so they can pay overtime again or hire temp workers for the added postal load. Reopen closed polling places. Make sure voting machines are hack proof.

If voting by mail, which is safer in a pandemic, make sure to return your ballot early enough so that it gets in on time. Check the regulations in your state for applying for a mail-in ballot and do it early.

There are many ways to ensure a safe election if the desire and resources are there.

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@KNOWITALL I don’t go to Walmart, so I would prefer to vote by mail. thank you very much.

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Haven’t been to Walmart since the end of February.

Vote by mail and piss off Trump !

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@anniereborn More power to you. Shrug.

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I have only voted by mail. In Oregon we have done it for the last 20+ years.

If you are registered they mail you a ballot. They don’t just blast out ballots like Papa “racist employee hating” Johns. You have to be registered just like everyone else. And they have computers matching the signatures to what is on your voter registration card.

If you are homeless or want to just vote in person for the sticker you can do that just like other places. But you have much shorter lines.

If you get the ballot in the mail and want to deliver it in person there are drop-boxes all over the place. You don’t need to actually mail it in. Just stick it in one of the boxes on election day.

Again. You have to register to vote and they match your signature. They don’t just mail out a bazillion ballots like Trump and his parrots want you to believe. It is fast and safe. And we have weeks to actually go through the voters pamphlet with ballot in hand to research all the weird local amendments since we aren’t under a time crunch running on “truthiness”.

If you don’t want mail in ballots make it a Federal Holiday so people can vote without missing work. Lots of people at Burger King have to decide between voting or taking the day off work which is a big chunk of their income. But I guess that is the plan as working as intended.

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@johnpowell Mail in ballots will work that way here too although the expansion is new. There will be drop boxes, only registered voters can get a ballot and they will match signatures. Less fraud than Russian hacked machines.

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I’m willing to go to the polls. I’d rather die from covid that have that asshole in office another term, IMHO that would MAGA

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I just printed the request form for mail-in ballots for my state.

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Read somewhere a headline that says young people should mobilize to man voting locations replacing seniors who most likely would prefer not doing it this year. Sounds like a good idea.

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@SQUEEKY2 In your country?

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In my country, the safest, most accurate way to hold the election would be for registered voters to request ballots from their registrar and vote absentee. None better!

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Go in person. Vote as you always have. Ensure there is social distancing and masks. If you want even more control, split up the district so that certain neighborhoods vote on a given date to help minimize the numbers that show up. You could have a week long period that could be a “make up session”.

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Mail in like Colorado has been doing for 6 years with bar codes so you can trace it. You mail it 2 weeks before so it will have arrived before voting date. Its also what is being done with the census. So why not do it with votes. They also have ballot boxes for people to drop off in case they procrastinated to voting day. No long waiting lines and ballot boxes can be place outside of police stations or Court house or the few polling stations for those people who may have not registered in time to get a ballot mailed out to them. so you don’t have to worry about anyone doing anything to the boxes. Then have the boxes picked up for counting at 8.

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