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How do you pronounce "stingray"?

Asked by ragingloli (46898points) 1 month ago

By you, I mean you, personally.
Sting-ray, or sting-gray?
And how is it supposed to be pronounced?

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Sting- ray.

It is a type of ray, not a type of gray

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It’s non-standard/informal to pronounce it /ˈstɪŋgˌɹeɪ/ but I do hear pronunciations like that, such as “singing” being pronounced /ˈsɪŋgɪŋ/.

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I tried saying it out loud and it sure sounds like “stin-gray”.
New York city accent

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@LuckyGuy But do you say Queens I son “Lon-Guyland”?

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@zenvelo I absolutely used to call it: “lon GUY land”
I grew up in the middle of Nassau county.

Once I moved away to go to school I started pronouncing it Long Island.

I don’t have the accent at all now but some words do slip through.

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Sting Ray. Like a Chevy Corvette.

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@LuckyGuy But, do you know a guy who knows a guy who…

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Sting ray. Southern accent.

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I pronounce it as if the g is not entirely there. Like, the g starts but I never quite pop it.

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@Love_my_doggie Sure I know him! He was dating my cousin’s sister-in-law. I saw her at Sammy’s wedding. She looked great by the way. Once she got rid of the bum she lost those extra pounds and is much happier. And she wore the blue dress you recommended. Gawjeus!!!

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“Sting”: ing as in “Ding an sich.”

“Ray” rhymes with “day,” “say,” “play.”

Stress on the first syllable.

I’d bring out the g only if I were speaking with certain regional or ethnic accents.

It doesn’t come up in conversations very much.

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