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Ten Hut! All come to attention to salute our newest 10k mansion member!

Asked by filmfann (50717points) August 20th, 2020

It’s SergeantQueen! Step up and offer congratulations!

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Congrats and sa-lute!

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Congratulations! We need a party and a party for a queen is perfect!
We need your young ideas and I’m glad you have stuck around.

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Congrats SQ! It’s a pleasure to have you around and to see you questioning and growing. I wish you all good things!

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SA-LUTE! (And welcome!)

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Kudos to the Queen of All Sergeants!

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Congrats!!! Welcome to the mansion.

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Congrats, kiddo.

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Congrats on the well deserved 10k! That is not an easy feat these days.
The fact that you made it is further proof people love ya! :-)

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Well done! And so young! At this rate you will make 100k.

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Every mansion needs a queen! Congratulations, Queen!

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Great stuff !

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Thank-you guys.

I have been going through a lot lately and your advice has helped me. This site has been my go-to for advice because of how small the community is and how thoughtful and understanding you guys are with responses. No judgement either. If I had posted some of my questions on other sites, I’m sure I would have gotten every insult in the book. You guys don’t do that.

Thank you, I really appreciate it.

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Nice job SQ!! Reeeeaaaaalllllll nnniiiiiiiicccceeeeee.

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@SergeantQueen There is a reason why I stay here for 7 years :)

I hope you will stick around too.

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Nice goin sarge.

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Hey congrats. And that’s why I stayed here too. Cool website lol.

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