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What is one boring fact about yourself?

Asked by raum (9812points) September 3rd, 2020 from iPhone

As asked.

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I have blue eyes.

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I like sucking the beef sauce from butchers twine. Sometimes I get a little bit of meat with it

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I drive a Honda.

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I drive a Honda.

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I’m very prone to getting insect bites.

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I love animals. Shocker.

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I’m a 6-foot tall, middle class, educated, white dude with an extremely common first name.

Me and a gazillion others. I am, at first glance, generic.

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I like cats.

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@gondwanalon I’m trying really hard not to put “I like lamp”, from Anchorman.

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My favorite color is green.

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My right foot is a half size bigger than my left.

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When you google my name without my middle initial, I do not appear in the first twenty pages of search results.

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I’m boring.

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I usually buy groceries at Safeway and Whole Foods.

My favorite garbage bag brand is Glad.

I spend an average of 10 minutes in the shower.

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This is what my forehead types when I get sleepy and it falls on the keybored:


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I drive a Nissan.

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I have paper clips shaped like cats.

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I read a lot.

All facts about me are probably boring. Medical ones especially. I bore myself with them.

@tinyfaery, lucky you. I love paper clips. All paper clips.

See? There’s another one.

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@tinyfaery You sound far less boring than the rest of us!

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As a German, I reserve the right to be extraordinarily boring. I check the weather report and plan outings accordingly, calling in to complain if I happen to get wet against my will. I alert the authorities of my fellow citizens’ failure to trim hedges or flip their mattresses in a timely fashion. And when my sister approached me for a loan of lunch money the other day, I made sure she had first signed all corresponding forms.

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@janbb Thank you. For a German, that is an unfamiliar and yet pleasant experience.

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just wait till loli gets here

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—But I doubt there’s anything boring about loli!—

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@longgone, you’ve got Merkel. So you guys win that one hands down.

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I love major numerical thresholds, such as 50K.

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Are there any boring facts about the OP?

Here are some boring falsehoods about her:

She always wears one high heel shoe and one slipper with a prosthetic heel.

She has spent many hours pulling the grass from her lawn, so that it now consists of a finely cultivated field of weeds.

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I have ingrown toenails.

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I actually like prunes.

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@Brian1946 LOL!

I drive a Honda.

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I make my bed every day.

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I like tests.

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I hate tests. And yet I’m a history nerd. Get me going on an obscure fact of history, I can put the world to sleep in 20 minutes. And still keep yapping.

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I like to unwrap presents very slowly, admiring the wrapping and the ribbons and the choice of colors. Wrappings are part of the present. (So is postage.) I never rip them open. I savor them.

(And I save the fancy bows.)

@Nomore_lockout, have you thought of taping your lectures and selling them as soporifics?

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@Jeruba Why am I reading that in a sensual tone? haha!

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Haha, @KNOWITALL. Lick your lips and read away. Who knows what’s inside those packages?

Oh. You do, I suppose.

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@Jeruba LOL Just noticed your comment. Not a bad idea. : ) ”@Nomore_lockout, have you thought of taping your lectures and selling them as soporifics?”

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My feet are uncomfortably numb.

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