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Does Oracle buying (or partnering) with TikTok make any sense?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28447points) 1 week ago

Trump is forcing TikTok (a Chinese company) to be sold to a US company (or close down in the US) by tomorrow.

Notwithstanding how legal that is, does it make sense for Oracle to buy it? They’re a database company and computer services provider; they have no history in consumer-level services, especially to kids and teens.

What’s the point of the Oracle purchase? Or was this a Trump payoff to his friend Larry Ellison?

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I just heard on the radio that the Chinese are not permitting the transfer of Tik Tok’s search algorithm, so the value is questionable.

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To me, no.
Tiktok is just a fad company, and I expect it to fade into obscurity at some point anyway, just like “Vine”. Remember “Vine”?
I would not waste money on that.

But if I were Tiktok, I would just ignore drumpfs posturing, and continue to operate anyway after the “ban” goes into effect, as a big “fuck you, make me!” to the orangutan.

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Yes it does. TikTok is the most popular app with Zoomers in the US with 2.3 billion downloads and 100 million users, just here.

The Chinese regulations helped scuttle the bid by Microsoft. The software giant had said in August that it would insist on a series of protections that would essentially give it control of the computer code that TikTok uses for the American and many other English-speaking versions of the app.
Last month, Mr. Trump said he would support Oracle buying TikTok. He called Oracle a “great company” and said the firm, which specializes in enterprise software, could successfully run TikTok.

So if ByteDance believed Larry Ellison could use his personal relationship to Trump to get the deal approved, that would have been a compelling reason to choose Oracle.

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Tik Tok has been around for a really long time. I think it used to be for a while then changed/was bought and is now TikTok, it was released in 2014 and it’s still a thing (just now with a different name)

So I think any company buying it makes sense, regardless of their history. It probably will be popular for another few years.

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