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What has happened to our FBI?

Asked by crazyguy (3194points) October 17th, 2020

By at least one account, which included an official FBI document, the FBI has been in possession of the laptop purported to be Hunter Biden’s since December 2019. During the 10 months that the FBI has had to dig through the laptop we have heard exactly zero about the investigation. Even during Trump’s impeachment hearings the FBI was mute.

Just what is going on in the FBI?

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I don’t know, but the FBI often works quietly during investigations. There might be nothing there to go after, or maybe they are using the information for bigger fish.

I have been wondering about the FBI also regarding the rioting that took place, hoping they are confiscating computers and following up on ring leaders.

I was in a discussion group a week ago about social media and politics, and one of the people in my small break-out group used to work for facebook writing code to detect propaganda from foreign government and domestic sources who are deemed terrorists or traitor organizations and the FBI worked closely with facebook, and I assume other social media.

People are complaining about facebook deleting information and shared links, but they seem to not be getting the FBI and CIA are concerned about what is basically information being used against the American people. They make it like facebook is working for the Democrats or something. The Republicans are in control right now, they fill our government right now. It is the FBI and CIA under Trump that is directing facebook to delete the bullshit, because they know where it is coming from, people who mean to do us harm and also people who I really believe are mentally ill. Republcians could take some credit if Trump wasn’t more concerned about getting the vote of the people brainwashed by the false information. A few Republicans have stepped up and said QAnon is horrible and immediately denounced the attacks planned on the Michigan governor and the Michigan Capital, and other things here and there.

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Maybe the FBI is working on more important things like discovering the alt-right plot to kidnap the Michigan governor. I give them full marks for that work and am amazed we still have one functional branch of government..

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The FBI sometimes publicly announces things, but that’s not its main role. When they get some information, they don’t generally announce it.

I’d expect them to be doing a thorough investigation and seeing where such a thing leads at a larger scale. If I were an investigator and someone turned in the laptop of a POTUS candidate’s son with email logs on it, saying they’d read it and it looked like the political corruption that the sitting POTUS had recently used to try to deflect attention to his own main political opponent… I would continue to investigate without announcement, both to get independent confirmation (since by itself, it could just be someone editing the email on the laptop), and if it was confirmed, casting a wider investigation to see where it led, if anyplace.

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Oh, and as for the title question of “What had happened to our FBI?”, we’ve recently had a POTUS who himself and his associates have come under many investigations, and that POTUS has not chosen to cooperate or at least recuse himself from involvement with them as a clear conflict of interest, but instead has taken an antagonistic role towards many members of the FBI, threatened to fire people investigating him, accused them of letting their political views (or just their off-the-record (correct) assessments of him) cause them to break their oaths and become corrupt political agents against him.

Oh, and a POTUS who’s gotten the Attorney General of the US to act like his personal defense lawyer in many ways.

All of that may tend to have some effect on how the FBI speaks about anything that could be construed as related to that POTUS.

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The FBI is not playing for “reality” TV or publicity. Their job is to work on important issues and do their work quietly, in a reliable professional manner.

Despite a certain individual who fears them and tries to discredit their work, they are still one of the most trusted organizations in our government.
Recent successes include:
Infiltration of many extremest groups.
The arrest of 6 “patriots” planning to kidnap the Governor of Michigan
The locating and return of numerous missing children who have either run away or were taken.
Here is a list of recent press releases

If you are unwilling to click the link I am inserting the list Friday’s 10/16.

10.16.2020 Federal Grand Jury in San Antonio Indicts Two in Health Care Fraud Scheme
10.16.2020 William Jeffery of Raleigh Indicted on Child Pornography Charge
10.16.2020 U.S. Attorney Brandon Fremin Appoints Assistant U.S. Attorney Patricia Jones as Election Officer for the Middle District of Louisiana
10.16.2020 Ex-Con Accused of Helping Destroy Evidence and Lying in Investigation of Murdered Wife of Fort Stewart Soldier
10.16.2020 U.S. Attorney Maria Chapa Lopez Appoints Election Officer for the Middle District of Florida
10.16.2020 Southern District of Illinois U.S. Attorney Announces Point of Contact for Election Fraud Complaints
10.16.2020 Maryland U.S. Attorney Appoints District Election Officer to Receive Complaints and Allegations of Election Fraud and Voting Rights Violations as Part of the U.S. Department of Justice Nationwide Federal Election Day Program
10.16.2020 Hammond Man Charged With Credit Union Robbery
10.16.2020 Sioux Falls Man Charged with 16 Counts of Wire Fraud
10.16.2020 Former Stockbroker Sentenced in Scheme to Defraud Elderly Victims Through the Sale of Worthless Stock
10.16.2020 U.S. Attorney Reminds Kansans to Beware COVID-19 Fraud
10.16.2020 Arlington Man Sentenced for Coercion and Sexual Abuse of a Child
10.16.2020 Former Correctional Officer at Jessup Correctional Institution Pleads Guilty to Federal Racketeering Conspiracy Charge
10.16.2020 McNairy County Man Pleads Guilty to His Involvement in a Drug Trafficking Organization
10.16.2020 Dyersburg Woman Sentenced to 12 Years in Federal Prison for Methamphetamine Trafficking
10.16.2020 FBI Seeking Information From a Bank Robbery in Coral Gables
10.16.2020 Navajo Man Pleads Guilty to Voluntary Manslaughter for Shooting Death in Indian Country
10.16.2020 Orlando Man Pleads Guilty to Multi-Million-Dollar Investment Fraud Conspiracy
10.16.2020 FBI Sacramento Reminds Public About Election Security and Malign Foreign Influence in Advance of 2020 General Election
10.16.2020 FBI Seeks Identity of Bank Robbery Suspect
10.16.2020 Defendant Pleads Guilty to Distributing and Receiving Child Pornography
10.16.2020 FBI/NYPD Metro Safe Streets Task Force Offers Reward for Information in Search for Robbery Suspect

Those are just cases from one day. That is why they are so well respected and trusted.
Orange is doing everything he can to weaken and discredit their work because he knows his dealings are on their radar. His deflection is not working.

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To late to edit.
In the interest of space I ignored many of the election related line items.
You can go to the website yourself and see.
Also on that site, each item is a link that takes you to all the details of the case if you need more info.

If you take the time and go through the list you will find many cases where they protected the very person who criticizes their work. They are true professionals.

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I worked at the Dept of Justice and still have friends there. The FBI is DOJ agency.

They are not concentrating on stupid-ass conspiracy theories pushed by disreputable sources like Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump, FOX News and AM radio.

They work on real threats like this:
FBI director raises alarm about white supremacy, Russian interference

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All this nonsense has apparently had an effect on the public. Fivethirtyeight ‘s polls show Biden’s chances of winning going up a point from 87% to 88%.

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The FBI is in fact looking into this case now that there is reasonable evidence that the Russians were involved. Link

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Pro trump supporter supplies evidence to a pro trump newspaper smearing the democrat candidate and every pro trump supporter seems to take it at face value without questioning it’s providence, authenticity or anything.

I love American politics. It’s so funny.

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@JLeslie The alleged emails are so damaging (in my opinion) that the FBI does need to investigate quietly and thoroughly. However, 10 MONTHS? I think somebody buried the investigation.

@janbb I have no idea when the FBI became involved, and maybe we’ll never know. However, it seems to be high time for them to say something, before we get locked into one candidate – or the other!

@Zaku I agree with conducting a quiet, thorough investigation. But there should be some effort made to release some information when the info might be helpful.

@LuckyGuy I did not go to your link. In fact I did not even rad your long list. Why? Because I know the FBI is involved in hundreds, if not thousands, of investigations every year. I do not have the time (or the interest) to dig into each one. My only question is that when an investigation touches on an election happening now there needs to be a little more transparency.

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@Call_Me_Jay Congratulations. You have crossed the threshold. I will not be responding to your posts any more.

@LostInParadise Thanks for the update. Why would you expect anything different given the total disbelief among Biden supporters that he could do anything wrong? Yes, I read the story about the Russians. So obviously that is more important than the possibility that we may be about to make a crook POTUS?

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@Lightlyseared I am a Trump supporter, but I am also a very discerning individual. I’ll be honest with you – I read every allegation about Trump and give it serious consideration even when it is first aired on Trump-haters like CNN. All I ask for is the same consideration from the other side. Not responses that emerge from brain-washed people.

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@crazyguy the consideration is this – the source is highly suspicious, the timing is highly suspicious and the FBI are actively investigating it as misinformation. To even bother looking at the content is pointless as it is most likely fabricated specifically to cast doubt on the integrity of Trumps opposition by a foreign government. As a very discerning person I’m surprised you haven’t worked out that it’s obviously fake and not worth consideration and quite frankly the only people that would are those that are the brainwashed who want it to be true.

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@Lightlyseared Here are things that make me think the emails are authentic:

1. The sheer number. Over 10,000. Mostly meaningless, as you would expect.
2. Neither Hunter not Joe has denied that the emails are real.
3. The alleged meeting between Biden and Vadym Pozharskyi has not been denied by Joe. All he and his campaign have said is that the meeting does not appear on his official scandal.
4. Hunter’s photographs and videos.

The questions in my mind are as follows:

1. Were the emails hacked by Russians and then surreptitiously sent to the NY Post?
2. Does that make any difference as far as the authenticity question goes?
3. Did Giuliani conspire with the Russians?

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Seriously, if you’re just going to ignore everyone who says something you don’t want to hear then why are you even here in the first place? Sounds like you just want validation of your own views. There are plenty of other sites for that.

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The FBI never seems to start the convo with “Guess what we are doing?” They are doing their job and being secretive which is what they do best. Ever consider that maybe there was nothing to report because the Hunter Biden crap was a rep hoax?

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@crazyguy I won’t bother to engage and waste my time. I am not a paid troll.
Your question and responses highlight the desperate tactics we have been seeing and can expect to see as the election draws near. Most instructive.

The public knows and respects the FBI. They are not paid political flunkies. They are professionals.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show what they actually do and how much they help us.

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@LuckyGuy Your prerogative.

@SEKA I understand the need for FBI secretiveness. However, I do question their timelines. And if an investigation is complete, its results should be available to the public.

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Five years ago I trusted the FBI completely. Under the current administration, it appears that there are blatant improprieties to skew the outcome of anything that they do. That’s why I feel that there was nothing to find or trump would be boasting that he was correct in that we shouldn’t be looking at the crooked things he’s doing but should be looking elsewhere. If there was nothing to find, the FBI wouldn’t be allowed to release that info because it would make trump look bad and also help his political opponent and God knows that we can’t allow that to happen

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@SEKA You know as well as I that the FBI Director has always had a lot of power, sometimes more than that of the President. In that sense, my trust has never been complete.

However, I always thought the FBI followed its own procedures and lines of authority. Lately, after Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, to say nothing of James Comes and Andy McGrath, I have begun to doubt that. What I think happened to Biden’s laptop is that it got buried by a lower-level employee with Democratic leanings, and that the top brass knows nothing about it.

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” I am a Trump supporter, but I am also a very discerning individual.”

This is the funniest shit I have heard all day.

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“What I think happened to Biden’s laptop is that it got buried by a lower-level employee with Democratic leanings, and that the top brass knows nothing about it.”
– Maybe you should send the top brass an email and let them know about it.

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@crazyguy In your reply to LuckyGuy you said My only question is that when an investigation touches on an election happening now there needs to be a little more transparency.
It has long been a practice of the FBI to stay out of political matters and not say anything until an investigation is concluded for one and second not to interfere in any political matters that may interfere with the election
So be honest. What you want if for them to confirm that there is an investigation into Hunter-Biden (that seems totally bogus) so as to taint Biden. I bet you even believe it’s bogus. You just wish the FBI would help cheat once more as Comey did in 2016. Well, no worries. I’m sure Barr has some bogus rumors to spread the week before the election.

This is why they don’t interfere with election matters. Or at least why they never use to until Comey. Which for the record I believe purposely helped out Trump and he was in it with Guiliani. Just my opinion.

The FBI always stayed out of elections a few months before the election because people can have biases and may wish to interfere in an election outcome by spreading half-truths or fiction.
I too would love total transparency. Like how Barr is working with Trump on stealing the elections. But we know that will never ever happen.

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NY Times – Oct. 18, 2020 – “The New York Post’s front-page article about Hunter Biden on Wednesday was written mostly by a staff reporter who refused to put his name on it, two Post employees said.

“Bruce Golding, a reporter at the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid since 2007, did not allow his byline to be used because he had concerns over the article’s credibility…”

”...As deadline approached, editors pressed staff members to add their bylines to the story — and at least one aside from Mr. Golding refused, two Post journalists said…”

”...the article appeared Wednesday with two bylines: Emma-Jo Morris, a deputy politics editor who joined the paper after four years at the Murdoch-owned Fox News, and Gabrielle Fonrouge, a Post reporter since 2014…”

”...Ms. Morris did not have a bylined article in The Post before Wednesday, a search of its website showed. She arrived at the tabloid in April after working as an associate producer on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show…”

”...Ms. Fonrouge had little to do with the reporting or writing of the article, said three people with knowledge of how it was prepared. She learned that her byline was on the story only after it was published, the people said.”

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@tinyfaery Glad I made you laugh!

@Zaku Funny!

@Pandora I am all for the FBI staying out of elections. However, if they had the laptop in December, 2019, I think they could have finished some sort of investigation months before the election. Private businesses accomplish those kinds of schedules all the time!

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Here is an interesting twist A whole bunch of former senior intelligence officials signed a letter saying that the email situation “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”’

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@crazyguy What if they already determined it was bogus and what is taking time is trying to figure out where those emails came from and how many people were involved in the bogus scheme? I can see that taking months to do or maybe not being solved. So they won’t say anything until it’s complete. Not everything works like TV where schemes are figured out in one hour. Plus, Hunter isn’t running for office. It’s time people figure that out and anyone can fake emails or receive emails. I keep getting emails about my erectile dysfunction. I’m pretty sure I’m missing that appendage and emails about discussions I never had about refinancing my home. They use my name and email in the emails and I delete them. Doesn’t mean I’m hiding something or was ever in contact with that person. There is also another way to fake it all. They get some laptops and create a fake account with stolen information and send emails back and forth and it will look totally legit. And since these laptops can’t be confirmed as ever having belonged to Hunter Biden then it probably can never be prosecuted but the FBI know that once again Russia is trying to interfere in the elections so that is probably the only reason they are looking into this.

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