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Can smelling fresh paint all night long make one sick?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45314points) October 22nd, 2020

Rick painted the bedroom. He has some back issues, so he sleeps upstairs on a Serta mattress instead of the waterbed. I smelled fresh paint all night, and I woke up feel nauseated

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Absolutely. I don’t have the science behind it, but I understand that the warnings always recommend lots of ventilation.

I used to paint during the summers, and couldn’t tolerate 8+ hours of paint fumes without getting a headache and feeling disgusting. When I paint today, I always do it during the warm weather so I can completely air out a room for many days before sleeping or spending much time in it.

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Yes. Not the smell per se, but toxic paint fumes, yes.

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Some people are very allergic to it. Where I used to work, there were two people there who were very allergic to it. Because of that, the building was not supposed to be painted until night time. Apparently, the painters did not know (or did not think it was accurate information) and they painted during the day time. The lady had a heart attack and was thereafter out on workmen’s comp. She never came back to work.

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I’ve done lots and lots of interior house painting and I never got sick before. I wonder what’s different.

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Don’t know but ventilate or go outside.

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There many different kinds of paint. The so-called smell is actually tiny particles in the fumes. Some fumes are more toxic than others.

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I have a reaction to oil based paints; not as much to latex paint but that still bothers me some.

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I am not wandering around outside in the middle of the night @Nomore_lockout’s! Although I will sleep in the living room tonight. Wish we had a couch in here.

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Well that wasn’t exactly what I meant, Dutchy. I just meant for the time being, and sleep upstairs with the hubby. Go outside after dark those bug bears will get ya,

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@Dutchess_III Well ok gal. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Always heard those bug bears have a preference for Kansas. ; )

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Oh be careful! I feel like there’s some paint that is just absolutely toxic.

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I don’t wanna sleep in the recliner….

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I’m late to this question, but I would open the window during the day and run a fan facing the window to blow the smell out.
If that doesn’t work, I would just wander around outside in the dark. ~

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@Dutchess_III I you don’t pop in today, I guess we can assume that you either succumbed to fumes, or got carried off and eaten by a Skunk Ape.

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Naw. I slept with the window open. Nice, cool breeze….made it really hard to crawl out from under the covers!

@chyna LOL!!

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Hopefully he’ll be done today. I don’t know what he is doing that it would take 4 days to paint a 10 X 10 room.

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@Dutchess_III Gack? If I knew what that meant Id probably be offended. But sense I have no clue, What- me worry?

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Doesn’t mean much of anything, actually!

HE’S DONE WITH THE BEDROOM! Now we’re on to the living room where we get to deal with the amateur shit the guy who did the remodeling did. For example he laid the sheet rock in SIDEWAYS!

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Damn and too late to fire his ass… bet your hubby went ballistic!

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No. He installed more fans.

My life is evaporating around me….. Oh this hurts.

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Need to see a doc ya think? That crap is nothing to mess with Dutchy

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Naw. It’s all good. Rick made a point of putting lots and lots of ventilation in there (fans blowing everywhere) and I haven’t had any more problems. Just colder than hell.

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@Dutchess_III Ditto that, cold as hell here too.

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