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What is a good replacement for iTunes (specifically for podcasts)?

Asked by JeSuisRickSpringfield (7339points) October 28th, 2020

My new computer finally arrived, and iTunes is dead. But the replacement app isn’t functional yet, so I need some sort of replacement for managing podcasts (downloading, organizing, and transferring them onto my mp3 player). Can anyone recommend an alternative that they’ve had good experiences with? Thanks!

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I still use Winamp.
In theory it should work with podcasts, too.

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I just switched to Overcast because I really didn’t like the recent update to Apple’s Podcast.

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I’m assuming you have a PC? iTunes for Windows is still available as far as I know. But MusicBee is a good option with more functionality and options.

If you have a Mac, Swinsian is a good iTunes or Music/Podcasts app alternative.

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Windows 10 – install iTunes from the Windows Store. It keeps itself updated instead of requiring frequent annoying downloads.

Mac OS X – Apple Podcasts and Apple Music (separate apps) have replaced iTunes.

If want to switch away from the Apple apps, it seems most audio programs support podcasts these days. Spotify is one option I have noticed. Sometimes I use Google Podcasts , but that requires being online.

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My iphone has a separate icon for podcasts, is that using itunes? That is what I use, the podcasts app.

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Thanks for the responses, everyone!

@ragingloli Winamp wouldn’t even open on my computer.

@cookieman Unfortunately, Overcast is only for iOS. I’m using a laptop. But the deficiencies of the Apple Podcasts app is what inspired this question. It won’t even recognize my iPod.

@Demosthenes No, I have a MacBook Air. If I had a PC, I would keep using iTunes. But the latest version of the Mac OS no longer supports iTunes. I’m downloading everything and testing it out right now, so I’ll give Swinsian a try. Thanks!

@Call_Me_Jay Yes, I know that iTunes has been replaced (i.e., “is dead”). That’s the problem. The Apple Podcasts app is non-functional when it comes to my device. I’ll give Spotify and Google a try.

@JLeslie No, the Podcasts app on your iPhone is one of the three apps that Apple replaced iTunes with. It’s also the app I referred to as non-functional in the OP (since it doesn’t work with my iPod).

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You could install windows on your mac.

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Have you checked out Pandora? I’m not big into podcasts but have several friends who are that have mentioned Pandora

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