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Any famous people robocalling you about voting?

Asked by JLeslie (62396points) October 28th, 2020

I just found out a lot of my friends in The Villages received robocalls from Megan Boone, she played Elizabeth Keen on the TV series Blacklist.

She grew up in The Villages, her family is the founding family and developer of the city. They give a lot of money to the Republican party.

From what I understand Megan (a recording) robocalled 10,000 registered Democrats here in The Villages to vote a Democratic ticket. You can hear the call at this number if you are interested. 352–340-3834.

It’s a scandal. LOL. I just saw a Trumper Villager on a thread about it say Megan is a spoiled rich kid. Do these people even hear themselves? What about Trump’s kids? Rich! People are idiots.

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Not this year. They might be getting filtered out as spam. I get texts from Joe and Kamala and Campaign Manager Jen.

When I had a landline in California, I remember getting calls from celebs, but I can’t remember specifically who. It was 15 years ago.

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No, but now I’m jealous. I’d like a call from a celebrity. Mrs. Fields perhaps.

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No my “NomoRobo” is getting a work-out !

And if I don’t recognize the number on caller ID, they go to the recorder.

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Only Repubs are allowed to be rich. Otherwise, who will be available work for J.B. Bigbux for a dollar a day?

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I received 3 voice mails yesterday from Magic Johnson begging me to vote for the Dems…any Dem. When my phone rings & I don’t recognize the number, it goes into vm & Magic wanted to talk to me so bad that he left me a vm!!! What he didn’t know is that I have already voted so his message couldn’t possibly sway my vote at this point!!!

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