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Looking for specific thriller, horror movie (Spoiler)

Asked by BR21 (10points) October 29th, 2020

It’s about a kid who goes with his parents to a big church/villa where the nurses try to help him with his ’‘condition’’ and he meets a girl that tells him stories about the place, then him and his parents figure out that this villa is a church that kills childeren, then he burns the villa and figures out and the girl tells him that he and the girl are one of satans childeren, and then they drive off. I think it was from 2018–2020 or just 2019 idk.

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do you have any idea who was in it? If so, you could do an IMDB search on the name.

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No idea. The What Is My Movie site might help you.

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That just makes me think of Damon somehow…how that starts out but I don’t think that movie.
Here use this:
Its [Film by storyline search](use this narrow your search next time);

I hope they help. If not use what I left you [ ].

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A Cure For Wellness? Released in 2017?

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