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How are you dealing with junk/spam emaills?

Asked by si3tech (9096points) November 16th, 2020

I am getting and increasing number of junk and spam emails. I try to block them individually, and move to junk file, but it seems to me the same junk arrives over and over. How do you jellies deal with this?

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My yahoo mail automatically filters most of the spam. It does a nice job with it.
When I open my inbox I immediately check the few that made it through and click the “Mark as Spam” box up top. That adds them to yahoo’s filter list and helps other people down the road.

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I have two email accounts funnel directly to my Gmail account – Gmail does a masterful job of identifying and filtering spam.

From Gmail, I forward to a (different) email account, which is my primary email. And it is pretty close to spamless.

When I give companies my email address, it is one of the two ‘front end’ accounts, which means that if they sell or share my address, any mail will be spam-filtered out.

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Mine is an account on my mac. Until recently they di a good job of filtering. Not so good now.

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I use the very goddamn excellent fastmail and their spam filtering is very good. I never see any.

I use my own domain with fastmail so I have an address like That is my main account. But I can make as many aliases as I want with a new email such as and just use those for those one-off places.

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They basically arrive into their own folders through Gmail. I just ignore them.

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Ditto @LuckyGuy I have Yahoo too, same deal. But the last few months I’ve gotten a ton of junk from Trump and Company, as If I’m some big time Republican donor. Just send it to my empty box, but it just keeps coming. Does no good to unsubscribe either. Real pain in the ass.

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I have two separate emails, one as my mail email and the other as a throwaway that I use to deal with various things while making sure my identity isn’t leaked. My throwaway email is a mess right now with so many spammy things, but I don’t mind. It’s the throwaway’s job to hold spammy things anyway.

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