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Is it ok to wear mismatched shoes?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19785points) November 18th, 2020

From two pairs of shoes.

The left shoe on my first pair is broken and digs into my heal.
The right shoe on my new pair is an half size too small.

I was thinking of waring my left shoe from my size 13 new pair that I bought from Amazon, and waring the old size 14 shoe from my older pair.

I don’t know where to buy size 13 and size 13.5 shoes and I don’t know the width?

I am big and tall and it is hard to find walking shoes that fit.

Only one store in my city has size 14 shoes. I bought the only one two years ago.

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Happens all the time. My right foot is a good half size bigger than my left. At one point, I bought the same style in two different sizes and wore the ones that fit. That was expensive, however, and I never did it again.

When I read your question the first time, I thought you mean – is it OK to wear a brown shoe on the left and a black shoe on the right? That’s less acceptable.

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Sho’nuff, it’s a shoo-in.

Until around 1800, welted rand shoes were commonly made without differentiation for the left or right foot. Such shoes are now referred to as “straights”. Only gradually did the modern foot-specific shoe become standard.

How the smaller new shoe would fit the left and not the right foot is my sole concern.

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Sure. A slavish attention to symmetry is a meaningless habit. Comfort should trump it just about anytime other than a strictly formal occasion, and even then—when you’re accepting an Academy Award or a Nobel Prize, you’ve already got it made, so who cares?

When my son was in high school, I bought him Converse High-tops in half a dozen colors, and he wore mismatched pairs nearly every day. I thought it was cool.

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I’m also recalling that there was—even before the Internet—some kind of shoe swap clearinghouse that helped people exchange shoes with others who had the opposite fit problem and also helped people who needed only one shoe. I’ll bet it wouldn’t take much searching to find such a thing now.

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Of course. Do it just to see if anyone notices.

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* wearing. *

I guess it would depend on the circumstances. If you’re just going to Wal-Mart mismatched shoes would be par for the course.
But so would thong underwear with no pants on.

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Would it be a solution to try on your shoes next time. I see no reason not to wear the 2 mismatched shoes. If they are comfortable what more could you ask.

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@si3tech I bought from Amazon. I couldn’t try. I don’t have an access to a printer for refunds. My feet where fine at first then my pinky toe got blisters . $129 lost.

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Yes, but it won’t look as funny if you wear them at night.

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