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What will Biden do to address covid-19 in late January?

Asked by crazyguy (3207points) November 20th, 2020

Biden did as well as he did in the 2020 election because of covid-19. In spite of the fact that many countries comparable to the US experienced major second waves, Biden and his supporting media kept up a tirade against Trump. If his margin is certified by the states, Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the US on January 20, 2021.

By that time, most frontline medical workers will have been vaccinated against covid-19, and many senior citizens will also be scheduled to receive their vaccinations. The pandemic will, by no means, be over; however, it should be on a significant decline.

So, what do you think Biden will do to address the lingering difficulties?

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Well only he and his staff know what CAN be done.

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By that time, most frontline medical workers will have been vaccinated against covid-19

According to…?

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Common sense @Call_Me_Jay. The vaccine is here. It only makes sense that the front line workers will be vaccinated first.

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Sort of depends how uncooperative the Senate will be.

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@Dutchess_III Who says the vaccine can be approved, produced and distributed in quantities to vaccinate “most frontline medical workers” in the USA in the next 60 days?

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The company hopes to file with the FDA as soon as Friday, says Bourla. Once the company receives that authorization, he says, “we will be ready to start distributing our vaccine within hours.”


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If Biden makes it to January 20th without having a catastrophic neurological event, I imagine that Biden will try (or at least the people around him pulling the strings) to unify the messaging around best practices and not send mixed-messages which really was an objectively terrible failure of Trump and his team. Distribution and messaging on the vaccine will be important.

Sadly Trump really did poison the well on this thing and politicized the virus. That means we’re going to have a population with a significant percentage of reluctant people actively subverting the process of trying to prevent community spread. I don’t think Biden is smart/mentally competent/capable/and/or politically savy enough to bring those people into the fold. In Biden’s defense, that’s not an easy job for anyone at this point. Also, don’t forget that when Trump leaves office, he’s not going to simply vanish out of existence. You can bet your ass that he’ll be eating cheeseburgers and tweeting all day about how terrible Biden is (and likely discouraging people from following public health safety guidelines). I’ve also heard that he may be lining up the pieces for a Trump TV network to rival Fox News.

Furthermore, Pelosi’s rejection of the stimulus will cause massive economic devastation on the working class. I don’t expect Republicans to be helpful in passing anything that makes Biden look good. So those people are probably pretty fucked. You’re going to have lots of newly homeless and desperate people trying to make it through the winter. I expect that to greatly increase the rate of spread.

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@Dutchess_III And? When does the FDA grant authorization? How much can be distributed how fast? Who is going to get it?

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@Dutchess_III That is awfully generous of you.

@Call_Me_Jay I fully expect the FDA to grant the EUA by next week. Based on the OWS story on 60 Minutes, I then expect doses of the vaccine shipped out to all corners of this country within 24 hours. So vaccination would start in early December. If the FDA needs or requests additional info, we may have to add a few days to that timeline.

@gorillapaws I would agree with the following points you made:

1. We should not send “mixed-messages”. However, I would add the following: “like the CDC and the WHO”.
2. Biden is not “smart/mentally competent/capable/and/or politically savvy.
3. Pelosi’s rejection of the stimulus will cause massive economic devastation.

Fortunately, I think we will not have to depend on Biden come January.

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It seems to me he will hand out more guidelines for when cities react to cases increasing and how. He met with some governors trying to a get a coalition I guess, and trying to learnt the obstacles they are up against. Maybe he will be able to help at the federal level with logistics when states need help.

I hope there is some discussion about people who travel across state lines. I was thinking that MAYBE the federal government has some jurisdiction over that, but I don’t really know. Maybe someone here knows the laws better. My state gets a lot of tourists, and of course Florida is not the only one. It would be nice if people crossing state lines had to wear masks for a minimum of 14 days in all public areas inside and out. I might try to write Biden about it. I already wrote my governor.

If Biden takes on the brunt of the blame for rules and laws, it will free up the governors from playing politics, they can just blame him. That would be good, but the president only has so much power to enforce such parameters. It is more the public feeling it is an order from the president rather than it actually being some sort of law.

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