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The sound is turned off in my browser, what should I do?

Asked by PointWand (10points) 2 months ago

Symptoms of the problem:
1. Opening a new video in Chrome. (for example on Youtube)
2. The sound goes on for the first second, after which it instantly disappears.
3. When you change the volume in the player itself, the sound appears, but if you stop changing the volume, it disappears again.
4. All subsequent videos have the same problem.
5. To be treated by closing the browser.
6. All of the above is repeated about 2–4 times a day.
7. A friend has the same problem, only he cannot be treated by closing the browser.
8. Windows Defender found no malware.
What should I do in this situation?

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Try another browser..

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It might help us to know which browser you’re using.

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Google Chrome*

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START / Settings / System / Sound
Advanced Settings <= There can be application specific settings and maybe your browser volume got inadvertently goofed up…

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No , I checked , it is turn on.

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