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Who do you blame for failure in passing a covid stimulus bill?

Asked by crazyguy (1927points) 1 month ago

McConnell want s targeted bill. Pelosi wants a “big bill” with authorization for all kinds of things, some of which may be indirectly connected to Covid, and some which you would be hard pressed to connect to Covid.

Who knows where Trump stands on this.

So my question is:

Is it more important to pass something now rather than hold out for more?

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The Republicans. Pork is their specialty.

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Your question in the title and your question in the last paragraph are totally different.

1) The republicans are to blame. They wilfully ignored the needs of the American people in order to score political points (or not score them, possibly). They scurried back to the “let them eat cake” doctrine of republicans when it comes to human needs. After squandering trillions pre-COVID, they scurried back to the ‘it costs to much and we need to be fiscally responsible this time’ stance. Hypocrisy.

2) Passing a crappy bill is not as good as passing a good bill. I don’t trust the republicans to follow up with additional money when needed. They are simply not credible any more.

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@kritiper Have you read even half the ACA? Have you looked at what Pelosi wants to include in her $2.4 trillion bill?

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Please tell me that you have read half the ACA.

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@Zaku No I cannot say that truthfully. I have read some of the “pork” pages.

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Actually, they all like pork. If the Dems want it, it must be good…
If the Republicans want it, it must be good for the rich.

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I blame the disgusting political position we are in today.

I heard McConnell is now making promises to not approve Biden’s picks for his cabinet.

Really bothers me that Trump during his economic heyday created an even larger national deficit and then when we had a disaster like a plague, we have to print money to help our states and citizens. Sinful. I have a hard time just getting past that part. Trump’s friends and the wealthy who became wealthier during the last 4 years walk away with their money while people are really suffering. There are people on the street, or worrying about being put out on the street, and wondering where their next meal is coming from. Students who can’t do school because they don’t have reliable internet. This should not be happening.

How are the politicians planning on paying for the stimulus we are paying out? I hear nothing about paying for it.

Sorry, I am too angry about the entire picture to focus on who is making it hard at this particular moment. I will say I think the $600 a week extra seemed like a lot of money to me, I probably could have collected it, but never tried, my niece just told me the same thing a few weeks ago. I am not for just handing out money willy nilly anymore, although I was in favor of it with the initial stimulus. I am in favor of helping people during this dire time though, especially people who are high risk, I don’t want them to have to work jobs that put them in a high risk situation.

Where is the tax to pay for this crisis time? Do the packages tax the rich while giving to the poor? I hope so. It doesn’t have to cover the whole amount, but something! I am willing to pay a one time income tax to help my state balance the budget if needed, as long as the state is tightening it’s belt in good faith.

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@JLeslie Now, take a deep breath and tell me how you really feel!

The way the Democrats snuck in the $600 per week really pi$$ed me off, probably worse than you seem to be. Watch this and cry…

The Dems tried everything in the world to use covid as an excuse to pass all of their legislative priorities. I truly wish the Republicans had, as a group, voted against the whole darn package!

Like you, I would not mind paying more in taxes for worthwhile government spending. But not for stupid things like:

1. More money for the Post Office
2. Unemployment higher than a guy’s income while working.
3. Local government bailouts from the hole they dug for themselves with overly generous pensions.
4. Un- targeted assistance for things nobody even understands.

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@crazyguy Sorry, LOL. I just can’t even think straight about it right now. Maybe I can come back to the Q in the future.

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@JLeslie Have you had one too many? LOL

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I don’t drink. I don’t have that excuse. Maybe one too many Q’s about politics for now.

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@JLeslie You are no fun, my dear! You never drank? Or are you a reformed drunk?

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I never bothered. Well, never is too severe of a word, I have had a few drinks in my lifetime and been drunk once or twice, but literally I can count it all up on my fingers and toes. I have fun without it, it costs a shit ton of money, I know I am safe to drive, I don’t see much point. Luckily, my husband rarely drinks also. Maybe he’ll have a beer once every three months, or a baileys something or other once in a blue moon. Just not our thing really.

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My wife would agree with you 100%! I drink a glass of wine (she would say a large glass!) almost every day. Hardly ever before 4 pm.

Once in a while she will join me in a few sips, but after retrieving her glass for her a couple of times during the evening, I give up and just enjoy my wine. She often complains that I do not take the time to learn how rtf make cocktails that she would enjoy more; but, she is so conscious of the dietary value of everything, I make some half-hearted attempts and then give up.

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